London -Up at the O2. All You need to know.

The time had come again, after the last London trip had to be cancelled because of Covid. We kept quiet and silently praying this time nothing goes wrong.

And it happened.

This one was a different one, there were 7 of us, and one driver. Me of course. The anxiety of thinking to get around London in a mini van got me flustered, so we had to decide on a different way to get to London.

And we ended up getting the Coach. Yes the Coach! We did look at trains but it was looking at £39 per person. The coach took all 7 of us in at £110. No brainer really isn’t it?

Our Stay

The National express drops us off at the Victoria street station and we caught the tube to our stay for the night.

Premier Inn in Southwark

One night stay here with breakfast was for £84 (room of 4). For my London trips I do prefer the Premier/ Holiday Inns. They are affordable, clean and practical- usually found in every corner so you can always find one near to where you want to be.

Also being in London I know we will not be spending much time in the rooms anyway- so a comfortable bed and a nice clean bathroom is more than enough and Premier Inn caters for that.

This premier inn is in Southwark a walk away from the London eye- so perfect if you wanted a midnight stroll.

Read Here: Malmaison Hotel- A chic hotel for your next London trip.

Up at the O2

First on the list- ‘Up at the O2’. Yes. Me and Sabina had come with the kiddos and we had to make it fun- and making it fun means doing things like “lets climb the 02”. No Spa break or Afternoon Tea on this break.

But that’s something about me and Sabina. When its time to put on the heels we put them on, and when its time to climb the O2- we wear the damn trainers and jump on board.

Now now- don’t get too anxious it’s all secure and in place- a giant walkway has been erected up and harnesses, trainers and all safety equipment is provided and put into place.

The walk itself is just under 400 metres, and although going through some steep areas in the walk, it was not as difficult as it sounds. At All.

Yes some parts took my breath away- but that’s age I guess. The kids loved it.

Now the bummer part is- I can’t show you many pictures because we are not allowed phones apart from at the very top. But i’ll go through the process as quick as I can without boring you I hope.

Equipment- Up at the O2

First thing first- the waiver form- or sign your life away form as we called it- box standard form that states should anything happen to you- O2 are not liable. I can assure you- nothing will go wrong- the safety precautions in place are really good, and provided you have the harnesses on and follow rules- nothing can go wrong at all.

Next up we meet our Instructor and are shown a short introductory video, stating loads of facts about the O2- which went all over my head because I’m like a little child really- I just want to climb the thing.

And lastly the climbing gear. So I had wore a pair of trainers- but they actually give you a pair of their own and that’s non- negotiable so keep the socks with you, because you will be wearing trainers worn by many others.

We are also given a harness which they fully instruct us how to wear and a vest is voluntary. I picked up the vest as it had pockets in it, for the phone.

And now to Climb….

With the harness feeding through the climbing rails we were ready to climb. The climb up is split into 3 sections, the first one being the steepest out of the lot. Yes it strained on the legs but it’s not difficult.

As soon as everyone caught up (everyone climbs differently- while the kiddos ran up, the more elder like myself took a more leisurely walk up) a little information was given regarding the local area and then we moved up again.

The walk itself is on a bouncy durable heavy fabric of some sort- its quite a bouncy walk up because everyone is going up at once, and at first feels slightly nerving- but as you go up you get quite use to it.

Up at the Top

Reaching the top I think took no more than 25 minutes, at this point you could release the harness and walk around freely. A glass of champagne is offered here at a additional charge- I think they forgot to add tea on as I would’ve much preferred that. Quintessentially British No? Missed a trick here O2?

Heres a little clip of me at the top:

We were given time to look around and take photos ( this is the only point we are allowed to use phones/cameras) and also our guide pointed out a few landmarks which really added to our experience (I was listening this time, can’t tell you anymore but i was listening. I promise)

The view from the top is amazing- yes the water on the River Thames could’ve been more blue- but we are in the Uk- and admittedly we should be use to it by now (no amount of filter in the Light room can get rid of that!)

The top of the 02 is 52 metres high, so although not one of the tallest buildings in London- it still is a eye captivating sight as there are no other high buildings blocking anything in view.

We also got very lucky with the weather- and that helped in the whole experience.

And now to go Down…

After around 20 minutes- we were hooked back onto the rails and time to go down,

Its at this point I realised the importance of the trainers. Gravity and the wind were ready to pull us down, the grip on the shoes and the material of the walkway kept us firmly in place.

The descent took around 15 minutes maximum. This can be dependent on your group and how fast/slow each individual is. It was recommended to go backwards as we get a better grip, but I was OK forwards so carried on as I was.

The whole experience takes between 60-90 minutes in total depending on how fast/slow the group is. We paid £32 pp.

Was it worth it?

Can you say you climbed the O2? No?! Well I can.

” I climbed the O2″ there’s your answer.

For those of you ready to climb: Here’s the Webby.

Keep tuned- more on our London trip coming up!

Heres another trip to London with the Men of my Life

Love and regards


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