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With the travel restriction still not stable- The hubby decided to take us to London, as he needed time out and a break. I’m still stumped why he chose London as he hates it there- but who am I to complain? We going London Baby!

And the only thing he asked me to do was the itinerary (obviously). But this one was hard. I know what I like, I know what I want to do in London. I know what I expect from London.

But this time I had to make sure that I do it perfect for him and the boys. So time to put my to- do list aside, because these guys are definitely not going to be wearing a suit & tie and eating an overly expensive Sandwich and Tea for me.

With the Boys being older- its harder to get the balance right, we can no longer sit in a swimming pool for hours on end, or even a coffee shop before they start getting annoyed and bored.

I had to make sure this trip kept us on our feet, keep them entertained and also grubby foods! So Lets Put the heels aside for now.

Our Stay

Well impressed with the hubby on this one- he chose the most perfect spot. We stayed at the Novotel in Paddington. It’s clean, it’s nice and tidy and few minutes away from the tube, Plus breakfast included! and Novotel are over Covid- so breakfast was back to normal, which I was so happy about!

Malmaison London Hotel- A chic Hotel for your next London trip!

We had brought our car up and parked it at the Paddington Underground Station for £30 for the day. We left it here most of the day and used the tube to travel around as that’s so much easier in London.

Strolling through London and the Wingsman

First thing first- Showing the boys London in true tubing style, which included travelling up and down from Leicester Square, China Town, Houses of Parliament, A walk through The Strand where I got this perfect picture

and then we did a pit stop for our bellies at the Wingmans which was on the kiddos bucket list.

Wings with Glove never tasted better. Here’s my review on the place.


With the car being securely parked away, we decided to use the different mediums of transport available in London. Obviously the underground being the main form and my favourite.

But this time we decided to try out the ‘Uber boats’ too, because why travel in taxi’s and trains when you can jump on a boat?

uber boat

Right so unlike Uber taxi where its ad-hoc on the spot thing, the Uber boats arrive every 20 minutes- so its not too much of a wait. Having 23 spots along the Thames, it covers the Central, East and West of London.

Here’s more of our experience on the Uber Boats.

The O2

We used the Uber boats from London Eye to North Greenwich to get to the O2. We hadn’t been to the O2 before and honestly didn’t know what to expect. The O2 is home to the worlds most popular sports/ music/ comedy and entertainment, and it also hosts a shopping outlet. And the men of my life love shopping!

O2 inside is jaw-dropping- its so big, and airy, and magical…. and the outlet was awesome.

We got a few bits and bobs, obviously I got myself some tea.

Emirates Air Line

After our little shopping rendezvous, we decided to jump on to the Emirates Air Line- to get to wherever it was going to take us. The Airline (how posh does that sound hey?) takes us from North Greenwich to the Royal Docks.

Apart from seeing the O2 their isn’t too much else to see from the cable cars. The whole area on this side- or both sides seems to be under some sort of construction. Having said that it is still a fun activity to do in London. In terms of cost its £4.30 for adults and £2.20 for children. I mean why not! Lets jump on!


Time for the bellies again, and this time we ended up at Burgeri- which is always on the bucket list. I mean what is a London trip without a visit to Burgeri?

Doha based Burger pit stop and now that I have a love for Sweet Potato. fries- that’s a must too now for me.

How did the trip end?

Well I be honest with you- the hubby did well, really well, he was all Ok, until the next morning. The plan today was to go visit Buckingham Palace, wave at the queen- ask her if she wants a replacement grandson- we have trained the kiddo up for the job.

A picnic at Regents Park, followed by a stroll in Selfridge’s where we could grab lunch, and then onto Harrods. finishing with a nice spot to eat- from the bucket list. Where did we end up?

Bicester Village

Yes! he surrendered. Said he can’t take it anymore- can’t go on another tube, taxi, bus or boat- he just wanted the comfort of his car, and the comfort of knowing where he was going and what to do there. Yes guys! that’s the hubby, Mr play it safe! I wouldn’t change him for the world. (well maybe slightly on some days more than others)

And so we ended up at his safe place- away from the manic that is London. We ended up at Bicester Village, which is still in London but not London, London (you get me right?).

Am I complaining? Maybe waving the Queen would’ve been nice- but we can save that for another day, plus I guess the kiddo stays with me for a little longer.

Also we did a little damage to the hubby’s pocket- so that worked out well. (*wink wink*)

Love and Regards


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