London Baby- Sketch, Said Dal 1923 and The Great Chase


Did someone say “London?” Oh yes….. Again and Again and Over and Over…. ’cause what is life without a girly day in London?…. Who’s with me? ….And off we went ‘The Golden Girls’ minus one, after dropping the kiddo’s off to school, (seriously! How much more longer till they move out? *rolls eye*).

We jumped into the car on one of our many adventures…. to London Baby! (Say it like Joey in friends. Just do it…… Now….. Oh my Heart ) Coming from the Midlands our parking spot is always at ‘Cockfosters Station’ in Barnet. I Love London with a passion BUT I refuse to drive there. It gives me anxiety and I get overwhelmed with the traffic and trying to find parking and avoiding congestion charges and all the other charges involved in getting to London. So ‘Cockfosters Station’ in Barnetis always our park up spot- it has a huge 300 car -car parking area and parking costs £6.00 for the full day. How can you even go wrong? From here we catch the tube to our destination. As ‘tube loving chicks’ we pretty much …..get lost every single time. HeHe!. Yes. We do!- but what is a trip without memories!

This time we actually sat on a non-moving carriage for at least 10 minutes before we realised. Seriously sometimes I wonder how we get through the day sane.

The Plan Today:- to get ticking off our bucket list especially because 2020 let us down so badly!! Time to make up the time…. and on our list to conquer today is: 

  • Said Dahl 1923 for Hot Chocolate

  • The Great Chase for Dinner

The Perfect Date day in London, don’t you think? ….. and then back to Cockfosters and Home Sweet Home. In one piece (hopefully……)

Afternoon Tea at Sketch

Our first stop- we jumped out of Oxford Circus Station and headed off for our Afternoon Tea. Excited about this Super Hip and Chic Afternoon Place. We were looking forward to an absolutely Unique experience, and yes we got that experience without a shadow of a doubt. With Pink explosive fusions, dramatic food, and unique toilets! (yup. you saw that….. I said Toilets) We got a experience we will not forget. Ill throw up a few pics….you’ll see-

Unique right? Chic right? Pink right? ……More of my experience in full on Sketch can be found here. Including Prices and what’s on the menu.

Soho and H&M Home

We walked past H&M Home…. and then we backtracked and walked back in…’d be rude not too.  Don’t you think? We don’t have one back in Leicester, so the excitement was in full swing.

H&M home is a gem of a store, we ate up everything we could with our eyes, because no car means no shopping!  We couldn’t possibly hold the bags whilst we venture through London- we sighed, we heaved, we touched, we visioned, we dreamt, and then we walked out with one item each. (sad face)….. seriously thinking about bringing the car in next time (I think)…. that chair and vase are calling my name, and after all that exhausting overwhelming window shopping we had a stop:

SAID Dal 1923

Who loves Hot Chocolate?…….. You? You? ….oh You too?…..Me? Nope. I don’t do Chocolate, I don’t do milk…..I don’t do Cocoa- So why am I here? because I do hot drinks! and I do photo opportunities! HeHe…. So Ladies and Gentlemen -for the most instagrammable hot chocolate ever we ended up here…..

Having said that my two buddies have a sweet tooth- so they went in licking their lips. How was it?! I’m impressed! So impressed, I was so pleasantly surprised. I loved it! it was creamy, and thick, and not at all as rich as I thought it would be….. I was waiting for that sickly feeling. It did not come! It was lush. Absolute divine! I devoured every last spoonful………….The bruschetta needs a lot of work though…..

SAID dal 1923 can be found at 29 Rathbone Place. The nearest tube being Oxford Circus (Central Line Underground)For Me SAID Dal 1923 gets a huge Thumbs up and a 10/10. Whether you like Chocolate or not I promise you wont be disappointed. I know I would go back. We bought the smallest size cup Hot chocolate at £2.50 each. After devouring that absolute miracle of a hot chocolate we roamed around the streets of Soho- in one shop out the other- and generally enjoying each others company.

Next Up:

The Great Chase

From Soho we needed to get to The Great Chase- so we jumped on the Tube again, this time to The Angel Tube Station and then a 10 minute walk towards this place. It was a short walk- just enough to get our appetite running. Why The Great Chase?…… well by now we needed meat!

The Great Chase is a Halal fine eating restaurant and also has a dry bar/ alcohol free cocktails, and it is famous for its sourcing of high quality ingredients.

It was a lot smaller than I expected, but I guess it makes it feel more intimate. But not only is the location small, the menu is also quite small. We were after the roast- so I guess we knew what we wanted- but sometimes its nice to see more? No? Yes? ….maybe I’m reaching? hungry belly and that?wp-16038411186257937728358955973236.jpgAt the Great Chase for starters we had the ‘Tempura Prawn and Scallop’ and ‘Glazed Lancashire Lamb Cutlets’….. Oh My God…. I know I can use the abbreviation OMG for this, but the full ‘Oh My God’ is needed here.

We devoured it. It was absolutely divine, from the presentation to the tastes, to the compote… to each and every last pea on that plate. Devoured.

Next up- For the mains we had ‘Slow Roast Lancashire Lamb Shank’ another Oh My God coming up- I cannot fault it, it was so moist, and juicy- it was finger licking delicious. So much soft and moist meat on that stick that just rolled off on touch. I just cannot fault this place. It was just delicious! every last bite full.

A meal with starters and mains (or 2 course) is £27 and drinks on top. The only thing that I have a downer on is – the drinks- I need a bit of fizz and sparkle in my drinks- and they don’t offer the standard Cokes, Pepsi 7up’s, Mojitos- they have alternatives…. which are Awful!! Ok maybe not awful. I just need a burp (or a couple) after a heavy meal and the drinks they offered did not do that for me,  luckily I always have drinks in my car that helped. With bellies full, and fully satisfied (apart from that long awaited burp with I had in my car. Sorry Guys you won’t get any filter with me) we headed off back to the car.

Three places ticked off on the bucket list- another million or so to go!Lets do this people…..Working out our next visit as we speak…..

Enjoy this trip. Come and follow me on another trip in London Baby. Just here.

Love and Regards


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