Lockdown Movie Date Night. Our Movie Love Tent.


Who says you can’t have a date night when in lockdown? Create a Love Tent.

Lockdown changed our lives forever, but that doesn’t mean things have to stop. You just have to find different ways of doing the same things you love.

I’d like to say we have date nights often, but really we don’t. The hubby and I work together as well as live together, so as you can appreciate sometimes the need for ‘date night’ can be overwhelming.

But as with everything in lockdown, you miss the things you wouldn’t do anyway more. ( Who gets me?) Like we miss going to theme parks, or swimming, or water parks-Yet we probably only go once a year anyway. So why the need when in lockdown?…. Well that’s a different story for another day … Back to date night….

Date night in lockdown means choosing what you love the most and creating a new way of doing it, so for us that would be Netflix, shisha, movies, snacks. ( I’m sure in Lockdown this is pretty much very similar for everyone)

I just wanted to make it extra special for us, and so made a quick pop into the shed to see what I could conjure up……

And Conjure Up I did:

Welcome inside my Love Tent. Just how cute and pretty did this turn out? So cute I didn’t want to use it and mess things up….

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And now to tick off the boxes….

  • Netflix ✔️
  • Romantic Lights ✔️
  • Candles ✔️
  • Popcorn ✔️
  • Drinks ✔️
  • More Candles ✔️
  • More Romantic Lights ✔️
  • Shisha✔️
  • Cushions✔️
  • Did I mention Candles? ✔️

I think I’ve ticked off the boxes, and I’m sure hubby will be pleased with this. Now to choose the movie, although I do think in the last 3 months we have conquered it all… “Pretty Women” it is.

And here’s a few more photos and videos because…. Well why not? Enjoy x

Love and Regards


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