Liz Earle Your Daily Routine Introduction Kit- Review


When ‘Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturise’ come in one neat tiny little packet, you know its a winner.

I saw the Liz Earle Your Daily Routine Introduction Kit in Tk-Maxx. We all know Tk- Maxx is a heaven for the bargains- and I got this bargain for £12. (it can be found online for £25)

Why Liz Earle?

I’ve never actually tried any Liz Earle product’s before- and I’ve never even had it in any of the beauty boxes I have a guilt urge of buying. ( I saw the next advent calendar today I went through a mental torture to walk away from it!)

So this ones all new to me, and I’m excited as I usually am when I get anything skin care related. I have always been a little curious over the products. I know loads of people who rave over it, but I’ve just never had the opportunity to try it.

Just as well I saw this little box in TkMaxx. What I liked about it, is that it offered it as a full on ‘Liz Earle Your Daily routine Introduction kit’, so it has the ‘Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising‘ all in one little bundle.

Its also great for travelling too as the bottles are small.

I Love that Liz Earle actually calls this a ‘try me’ kit, because I would be hesitant to buy it as a full sized and fully priced item, as I already have a skin care routine that I’m quite happy with.

Shall we take a Look Inside?

Liz Earle Your Daily Routine Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish

This comes as a cleanser and a Hot Cloth. I use the cream cleanser straight onto the skin and lather it in to remove makeup, or any skin impurities. I then use the small muslin cloth to wipe the cleanser off.

The cloth needs to be placed in warm water and drained out before use.

I have used it a couple of times, but I saw the main effect when I used it after a full face of makeup. It cleaned off the makeup so easily and straight after my face felt light and airy (do you guys understand that feeling? I hope you do?)

I mean being a bit of a skincare addict (just a bit. mind you!) You guys already know I have cleansers coming out of everywhere, and I use them randomly, usually the one that’s sitting at the top and easiest to grab.

But I have found that whenever I have a full face of makeup, I will specially look for this one.

Its a less messy way to cleanse, the hot towel drained just wipes off the impurities, rather than using loads of cotton wool- or splashing water all over our top and bathroom floor.

The muslin cloth is also very soft on the skin, so there’s no irritation, or harsh scratching on the skin. Used with the Polish it exfoliates really well, as well as removing dead skin and leaves a brighter cleaner finish.

Next UP Liz Earle Your Daily Routine Toner

Generally I think I use Toners more than anything else in skincare- I also feel I use it as and when I want to. With no significance to a routine. It just hydrates me, it acts as a coolant for me. If its in a spray form- I just spray it on (shhhhhh, giving too much away, that’s our secret!) And this toner is no different.

Its very refreshing and soothing, with hints of Geranium and Rose. It hydrates and clears up the complexion, and gives off a soft bright finish.

Unfortunately it doesn’t come as a spray- so I pour it into some cotton pads and sweep it all over the face.

Liz Earle Moisturiser

The best and favourite part of any routine, and this particular moisturiser is a skin repair moisturiser. My skin doesn’t need repairing, but how much volume those words carry.

A fully moisturised face is probably the best feeling of the day or night. and this moisturiser definitely gives off that feeling. This has to now be my ‘go to’ moisturiser for the days I go makeup free because it gives my skin a boost and a glow, and has me feeling light, glowey and hydrated.

Having used this for the past couple of weeks, I’ll definitely be investing in the full sized products, as well as looking into more of the products by Liz Earle.

Liz Earle Your Daily Routine Introduction kit can be found here.

Do you use any products by Liz Earle? what would you recommend and how do you find it? What other products do you use that I can add to my never ending list of skin care?

Hope you enjoyed this review. Here’s another one for you

Love and regards


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