Libano Restaurant- London Lebanese Cuisine.


Time to fill the stomach once again. I swear I eat in London more than I eat whole year round at home (*rolls eyes*) No seriously I think I do. Shhhhhh. Don’t tell the Hubby. Lets keep that between us.

Driving round London trying to find a Halal spot to eat is quite hard unless you are near Balham. Balham has a few little hotspots that are halal friendly and after our Backyard cinema experience we just needed some meat inside our stomachs as we didn’t know what we were going to get at the Friends Fest.

Driving around brought us to this place. Libano Restaurant -Lebanese Cuisine.

Spotlessly clean on entrance- The Libano Restaurant appealed to us straightaway. The table set up was great, with cutlery, napkins, wine glasses (although they don’t serve alcohol- but allow you to bring your own).

The dropping greenery from the ceiling at the Libano Restaurant and the far end wall looked beautiful, giving it a calm vibe away from the bustling street of Balham outside, and the random colourful chairs gave off a modern look at the same time.

Although the Libano Restaurant itself is small- and narrow, it actually feels big, all thanks to the large round mirrors on one end of the wall, and a full mirror wall at the other.

And now that I’m done talking about the decoration, let’s move on to the food.

Firstly we were given a lunch menu only, which was fine- but some of the items on the menu were takeout only…. Like we wanted a shawarma in a roll, but because we were eating in- it was not available. Yes! I know! I don’t get the logic either (*rolls eyes*)

What was available was the shawarma with the rice, urm…. Why not just make us a roll?? I’m still stumped….. But anyway…..

We ordered the chicken shawarma with rice (of course!) And the chicken and lamb shawarma with……urm ….. Rice? Because… That was the only option to eat in with. (Still stumped?!)

Now that we have got over the difference of the eating in and take out menus (I think) let’s talk more about the flavours!

It was really nice. Like really really nice. We really enjoyed it. The meats were soft, well seasoned and full of flavour. The rice was so nice and fluffy. And the salad on the side was fresh and crisp.

It was presented so nicely too. You know I love me a good looking plate. So I was well impressed.

Also all in all, after that little confusion we got a really good meal in a really nice and clean restaurant, and Yes! If your in Balham next! The Libano Restaurant really is a must stop if your feeling Lebanese with rice (*rolls eyes and winks*)

I wonder what the taste is like in a roll? . I think I’m ordering takeout next. Might just hang around outside the shop. You can see I’m not giving up on this!

For more details on The Libano Restaurant click here

With stomachs full… Let’s move on… To the Friends Fest!! Could I be more excited!!

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