Lets take a Look inside…. The Next Essentials Discovery Beauty Box


….And it’s time for another Beauty Box, and guys I’m not joking when I say that is the best one by far. It’s a box that just keeps on giving…. So let’s take a look inside the Next Essentials Discovery Beauty Box.

This box is the Next Beauty Box. Although Next have now started doing monthly beauty box on the Next Beauty Range, this particular box is the Next Essentials Discovery Beauty Box. It is filled with a must-have selection of the biggest beauty products around for us to try. And the selection is awesome.

There seems to be some sort of collaboration with Fabled and Marie Claire…blah blah blah… I am just after a beauty box.

I do actually think that this particular box is now sold out, however I do know that on the Next- Beauty page there’s one similar. But this one is by far better. So I think ill wait to see if another one pops up in the near future.

I won’t lie- I was disappointed at the actual presentation box, it felt like a shoe box, compared to the glamorous boxes I usually get- but then again this box was only for £20. So I could justify the difference.

Also no tissue paper on top…..that’s another downer. You know I love me some tissue paper…. but that was the only downfall, after that there was only one way and that was UP and smiles galore…

Lets Dive Right in:

The first thing my hand fell straight onto is the Pixi Glow Tonic (100ml), Normal retail price for this £10. The first product has already covered 50% of the price of the box;

and then we have

ALL OF These PRODUCTS were for £20.

This box is no longer available on the next website but they have similer boxes on there beauty side of the business. (Not as good as this mind)

If I do see anything in future ill put it up on my instagram, do make sure you are following.

Hope you enjoyed this and do let me know if there is anything that you see.

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Love and Regards


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