Lets take a Look Inside…Harpers Bazaar Beauty Box 2020


I think you guys have worked out by now I have a weakness, and that weakness involves plastering loads of junk on my face to see if anything happens or not. But all that does is make me want to try more stuff and buy more Products and so when Harpers bazaar beauty box came out…….I had to have it

Smart phones are the worst- seriously they read your mind more than your closest friends. I spent weeks and weeks of going through Facebook and Instagram trying to avoid putting the Harpers Bazaar Beauty Box into my cart and shipping it off….. but all weaknesses give in one day as mine did.

And ta daaaaaa! Here it is! ….. and do I love it?….. Oh yes I do, I do, I do, I do!

Why the Harpers Bazaar beauty box?

I think I am starting to like Beauty boxes a lot more than before, because you can single out the products you like, and buy them again if necessary, while the one’s that you don’t….. you can tick off in your ‘To buy’ list (you don’t want to see that list, to be honest its more of a book than a list *rolls eyes*) and cost wise it works out better too.

This box is worth £247 if all the products were charged individually- with Harpers Bazaar you can get it for £60 + free delivery and also if you have a Amex card you can redeem your Housekeeping voucher and get a further £20 off…. so this box… this whole box… the one pictured above… can be bought for £40! the 2 products that I was actually after cost that much by themselves, I was getting more for the same price….it would have been silly of me not to buy it (right? please agree with me, I need the moral support peeps)

Read here: Red Edit new Beauty box

Lets Open it up:

So lets get opening…… you guys know I have a thing for tissue paper right? if it has tissue paper- 9/10 boxes have been ticked already! (see it really doesn’t take much to please me! It really doesn’t) and all these goodies tucked away inside… Exciting’s…. Stay with me….

If you like videos then you can see the unboxing on my instagram page here, give a quick follow and its in the highlights… but if like me, you like reading then here it is. (I prefer reading, I feel like I can actually store and analyse things better)

And here is whats inside:

  • Dermalogica Prisma Protect SPF30– this is a light moisturiser which shields your skin from UV damage and pollution, (and it smells really nice too). I have used Dermalogica products before- I found it too be too harsh on my sensitive skin, but this moisturiser is nice, soft and refreshing.
  • Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish in St James. This is the one product that does not interest me, because I have chewed up itty bitty nails, and I do try with the fake nails- but I end up chewing them up also (I know, I know, but bad habits die hard!) I am learning to embrace the itty bitty things on the ends of my fingers…..
  • Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo. Its been a year I have had to start dyeing my hair, and now that I have started dyeing it- I can see more greys then ever before! I have noticed that dyeing the hair also dries it out real fast and I’ve had to try different shampoos to get it in a more manageable state. Ill be looking forward to trying this out. hopefully it’ll sort out my tresses.
  • Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate– I did mention earlier that there were 2 products that attracted me to this box, and this was one of them. I have never tried the Shiseido brand before, and have been hesitant, as even if I did buy- what would I go for? This serum is luxurious and rich- I have been using it for 2 days and i’ll definitely be investing in the larger size. It has strengthening and firming qualities- which in my old age, is a requirement! This one turned out to be a winner and going back onto the ‘To buy” List/Book. (10ml provided in box).
  • Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask– Another brand that has been sitting in my ‘To Buy’ List- this Mask has almost soft Oud like smell, it smells…… Arabic? (is there such a thing?) I have not tried this yet, but the smell has definitely won me over- apparently the mask adds radiance to the face within 10 minutes….. (ahh….. this one will have to be saved for a blog on the day I try it) (10ml provided in box)

Oh but there’s more…..

  • Chantecaille Pure Rosewater- who else is loving everything rose infused?? I don’t even do Roses! but Rose Infused products are my favourite at the moment. I like to use it when I feel tired and have had a rough day. It really wakes me up and makes me feel refreshed as well as refreshing the skin ( I have a bad habit of spraying around the rooms as well. Must. Stop. This.) A large 30 ml is provided in box! Excitings
  • Lixirskin Universal Emulsion. A moisturiser for day and Night. It is suitable for all skin types and boasts that it boosts hydration into the Skin. Cant wait to start on this. (20 ml)
  • Bobbi Brown Smokey eye Mascara- Do I really need to introduce this? Does anyone ever have too much mascara???
  • Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer. Looks like I am ticking off a lot of products from my ‘To Buy’ list. This primer is a base before the foundation part of the makeup…. I have just got to start wearing makeup again, before I can give this a shot and see how well it sits. Ill keep you all updated as necessary.
  • Benefit- 24 hour Brow Setter. This mini size brow setter is the cutest- its gel like features keep the brow in place for up to 24 hours.
  • Ren Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil– its a thick cleanser that gets rid of dirt- makeup and grime for use at the end of the day. it really works well, and gives a clear finish, perfect to use before a night cream.
  • Mac Satin Lipstick in Twig – another product that needs no introduction. The shade has a slight browney, pinky look to it. its absolutely gorgeous.

And a little more

  • Neom Travel Candle – This was the other product which led me astray. I have always wanted to try out the Neom Candles and this box kept on haunting me. Its a travel size candle with the ‘Calm and relax’ scent…. It is the cutest!!… I love candles! and I cant wait to put this on and allow myself to drift away.
  • Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base– Another moisturiser to prep the skin for makeup. I have a thing for moisturisers so looking forward to giving this a go.
  • Suqqu Colour eye Palette. How beautiful is the case??? I fell in love before I even opened it. And the colours inside? how versatile and wearable are they? such natural colours for everyday use. I cant wait to try these out.

The Verdict

And there you have it 15 products inside a pretty box wrapped in tissue paper (never forget the tissue paper!!). All in miniature sizes. I’m already enjoying the box and have already added some life sized products to the shopping bag.

This box can be bought here. Do remember if you have Amex to use the housekeeping coupon to get a further £20 off.

All products have been listed above individually. If you click into the products you’ll get to the page to purchase the individual products if required.

Hopefully this will keep me entertained for a while before the credit card starts calling me again.

Here is my instagram again- if you would like to see the video unboxing. Do give me a quick follow. Also I have a giveaway coming soon on instagram so make sure you are alert!

Love and Regards


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  1. Amazing review, how beautifully you defined each and every product, i am a beauty product addict, so your reviews and blogs are like a treat for me . 💖

    1. Thankyou so much for reading and your comments. Means alot knowing I have your support. Do follow me on Instagram I have a few giveaways coming soon. All beauty products x ♥️♥️♥️

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