Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Beauty Box… Lets look inside….


With Valentines Day coming up, I was looking around at Make Up and cosmetics, and I saw this. The Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Beauty Box. How great is this for Valentines? I know I was chuffed when I received mine, So Guys get a move on. This is the Gift of all Gifts.

Or ladies, how about gifting your best friend’s for ‘Galentines Day’? This day is getting more and more popular every year?…. Maybe…. Just maybe…. One day it’ll be a fixed day in the Calendar….. We can hope right?

What is Galentine’s Day?

Well… It’s a Fake celebratory day for ‘Ladies to celebrate Ladies’ and it’s held on the 13th of February. The idea actually came from a movie in 2010, but now we see promotions on Galentine’s, and I think it’s such a wonderful thing, so ladies let’s jump on the bandwagon and make it a real thing!!

I do have a habit of going off track, so you have to keep reminding me that this is about ‘Charlotte Tilbury The Pillow Talk Beauty box, well yup as I said this is the absolute best if you are still thinking of a Valentines/ Galentine’s day gift.

This is IT people. It really is!

I was so chuffed when hubby gave me this, it isn’t really a Valentines day gift, its more of a- ‘I told him, I want it and he bought it for me’ gift, but because its so near Valentines Day, we shall consider it as that.

Until Valentines day Of course when I will be waiting for my real gift.

See there I go again. Off the record, off track

Why the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Beauty Box?

I have never tried any of the Charlotte Tilbury make up collection- but I do know people who have, and they love it, so I did a bit of researching and still didn’t know what I wanted.

Then I saw this and just decided on the whole thing.

Best decision right? I mean I was never going to love a brand with just a lipstick, and this covers so many products it will give me a full idea of the brand content and quality.

I went for the Pillow Talk because its such a natural beautiful colour, I was after something I could probably use every day without it looking too full on, and the products in here seemed just right.

So Lets go through it…..

Firstly how beautiful is the box? The Dark magenta with gold is bold and striking!

and Tissue paper? I Love Tissue Paper (Don’t laugh you like it too! Its the extra touches that wow up the product and experience)

Lets take a look inside:

Plus a few freebies which I will also go through…. and all links for the products will be provided whether you want to purchase individual items or the whole gift box.

Luxary Palette in Pillow Talk (5.2g)

A Pretty, Feminine every day Eye shadow Palette. Just how gorgeous are the shades?

In champagne pink, matte dusky rose, soft matte brown and rose gold sparkle. I fell in love straight away. The colours are so dreamy, soft and romantic. So fit for everyday purpose without looking overdone.

Cheek to Chic in Pillow Talk (8g):

A two-tone powder blusher in a dusky pink and light brown shimmer. Perfect to add a bit of colour to the cheeks.

Especially in these winter periods as my face looks like a frozen pale colour at the moment, its ideal to bring warmth back into your face.

And as a Treat a small sample of ‘Charlotte’s Magic Cream’ has been popped inside. What is this magic cream? I heard ya!. This cream is usually used backstage to prep up models skin before fashion shows, it’s a moisturiser that gives a dewy, glowy complexion on the skin instantly. I’m sold!

Full Fat Lashes mascara (8ml):

The 5-in-1 mascara to define the eyes, and add drama to the face. Mascara makes all the difference to a made up face. If I’m wearing mascara it means I’m going all OUT, and this mascara is the bees knees, its soft and its curls the eyelashes in the exact places. (Please ignore my nails, I have the dreaded habit of nail biting, and now seeing this picture I Will Stop. Urgh it looks awful)

Matte Revolution in Pillow Talk (3.5g):

The most popular of the Charlotte Tilbury collection Matte lipstick. This velvety formula enhances your own natural lip colour, and adds a twinge of pink to it, to give it a more fresher fuller look.

I could potentially not wear makeup, and just have this on, and I feel better straight away. And you can always add more coats of it, to get a more dramatic colour. This is going straight into my bag!

Pillow Talk Lip Lustre (3.5ml)

The “ICONIC, GLOBALLY-LOVED Pillow Talk shade in the sumptuous silk finish of LIP LUSTRE, for a sexy, seductive, pumped up, supermodel pout.” as quoted by the Queen Charlotte herself. Need I say more?

Not to forget the complimentary make up bag inside too. It’s so pretty. You can never have enough makeup bags!.


And also the Miniatures are a few freebies chucked in, that’s the miniature Matte Lipstick and Mini Mascara. I love all mini stuff, its so ideal to take on holiday, or weekend breaks. I Also received free samples for concealers and foundation. I’ll definitely be giving these a try. Never say no to freebies, it’s like getting extra treats!

Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk (1.2g):

And lastly we have the Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk (1.2g): such a beautiful shade of pinky nude, this rich and velvety formula adds to the lips you need to have that kissable pout. (with my small lips. Lip liners are a MUST!)

And the The Classic in Audrey (1.1g): the perfect eyeliner colour to define and shape the eyes.

My Verdict

Can I just say I’m sold!, I was sold on the box and the tissue paper to be honest(yes. tissue paper again. I have a thing for it) But yes I am SOLD.

The collection is amazing. It’s wearable, it screams quality and class, what more could I need? Valentine’s Day is coming up so I better get online and see what else Charlotte has to offer…. Also I might (just might) get the old man a treat along the way.

and the webby for this can be found here;

Hope you guys have a great Valentines/Galentines day.

Love and regards


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