Last Minute Baby Shower? I Got you Decor with Entertainment.

last minute baby shower

The plan was a get together, that’s all. Just pop down my house for a cuppa and biscuits…. how it ended up as a Last minute Baby shower I don’t really know. But hell ye! It was a cool one.

Nabeelah is expecting, I’m throwing a get together. Put both of them together and we got a last minute baby shower in true M11bna style.

To be honest- I knew what I wanted to do, it was always going to be a waffle bar and a pasta bar. That was the plan from day one.

Why a Waffle/Pasta Bar?

Honestly I’m absolutely loving the bar ideas at the moment. You get to pick what and how you want your food. Its also very interactive and its a focal point. I saw that everyone was choosing different things and they were making their own variations and just chatting and doing what they were doing. Which I loved.

Having woken up at silly o clock to prepare because my parties are always morning parties (I don’t know why but I love to keep them quite early. So early even my guests roll their eyes) Bar ideas amuse your guests enough for you to have a little sit down and just breathe.

Also like with the Pasta bar- because I had the warming station- people were cooking their own food! ‘Yes! I invited people down my house to cook their own food– under the pre-tense of a ‘Pasta bar’, What could be more Genius than that right?

So anyway the Pasta and Waffle bar up and ready.

Read here: DIY your own Waffle Bar. Tips and Ideas

Read here: How to create your own Pasta Bar

How did we turn it into a Baby Shower?

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.”

1) Cake

A cake always make a party! And who’s the best cake maker in the whole world? I’ll let you answer….Cake Boss.

Ok after Cake boss, Who’s the best cake maker?…. Neurotic Mum.

After Neurotic mum who’s the best….. Yolanda Gamp.

After Yolanda…. Ok, Ok, This is not working out. Me! ME I’m talking about me. *huffs* never mind

So in true Baby shower colours I made a baby shower cake, kept it simple and added a topper. But we need more right?

2)More Pink and Blue

I bought (obviously) some Pink and Blue juices and we topped up the glasses with candyfloss! How cool do these look? and also for the waffle bar- I tried to stick to pink and blue toppings.

3) Decorations

Faizah is called to Action. The Expectant mothers sister. Obviously we need her to take charge, and take charge she did She bought these super cool boxes and filled them up with Pink and Blue balloons and also made a balloon arch at home! How cool. Just Perfect.

Click here: for the Balloon Boxes

The final Finish to the whole look.

4) Games

But after the entertaining of the Bar and food consumed, we needed games. Faizah did not disapoint.

Everyone knows this game right? The Pinafore game?

Well it works a little like this- everyone gets 3 pinafores each at the start of the game. Every time someone says the word ‘Baby’ the first person to hear it- takes 1 pinafore off that person.

The person with the most pinafores at the end of the day wins.

Its actually quite suprising how many times you can end up saying it.

Faizah also bought this super cool pack from Amazon. It’s the Party Unicorn Baby Shower Games Value Pack.

Inside the pack we played “Wheres my dummy?” a take on ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’ obviously we just needed to put the dummy into the mouth. This came with a super pink mask too.

How did we do? Well the baby didn’t get the dummy today. Hopefully mummy will do a better job in real life.

Next Up Baby Shower Charades! And boy was this funny!!! The best fun ever. Especially with the ones who have not had a baby yet and not experienced it. It was hilarious.

After all the giggling we sat down and were handed this leaflet- the aim? Is it a Baby bump or a Beer Belly? And it is hard guys!

And to finish off we filled in these Keep Sake Cards for the expectant mother. The perfect ending.

This pack can be found at Amazon. Click Here for the link, and there are loads of other packages available. Its fun its interactive and its making memories.

And there you have it. A Last minute Baby Shower done just perfectly.

Love and regards


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