Lane 7- Leicester Bowling Alley with a Difference.

If you follow me on Insta you will know that our well thought out- arranged 2 months in advance- notes/ tubes/ hotels/spending all planned trip to London got cancelled. YES! Ain’t that the worst!

We had mentally prepped ourselves for this trip in our head. I wanted to take the kiddos with me, to experience London in the way that I experience it. Which is a completely different way to the way we experience it as a family.

Covid struck one of the members of the groupie and we had to go full force into arranging cancellations/ re-bookings.

But that left me with a weekend to myself with the kiddos, and I had to do something and a dear soul mentioned Lane 7 to me.

First thing first- got to check them out on insta right? and so I did and it looked interesting. Instagram usually makes a lot of places look interesting but I always keep my reservations at bay….

…..But I was more impressed when we got there!

Located at the old Leicester Central Station- they have kept the traditional brickwork on the interior giving it a old skool- retro yet hip look.

We had booked in bowling for the afternoon- but this place has a lot more than just bowling to offer.

On entrance their is a huge courtyard with benches and tables, all having a feel of ‘old skool dinner table’ (that is not a mistake- when you go there you will understand why I say skool and not school) vibes and this is facing an enormous screen. When I say enormous I really mean enormous. I remembered the hubby straight away- this is definitely his spot for the football.

Lane 7 has 10 bowling lanes over 2 floors- and once again it has a very different feel to a normal bowling lane.

Firstly it feels more adultish and grownup, which is perfect for me as my kiddos are well into teenagehood and finding places and things to do with them is quite difficult. But this place was right up their street.

We loved the lanes, we loved the whole look. We felt we were in a different world. The whole atmosphere is different to what we normally associate with a bowling alley and more than anything we were fascinated with seeing the bowling balls coming back up on the tracks to its normal resting place (call me sad! but its too cool!).

After bowling we had a roam around the place because its just a tad ‘cool’.

Lane 7 also offers Arcade games! (Told you its old skool vibes!) Air hockey, Basketball shoot out, Pool tables, Ping Pong, Mini Golf and so much more. Something else that fascinated us- they all work on contact-less payments. Like Wow!! just tap the card.

No more running around looking for change!. The basketball shoot out was at £1 each as was the air hockey.

Food wise- Lane 7 has quite a few little units scattered around the unit. Mainly near the courtyard their are multiple mini bars and food spots, however they don’t offer anything Halal. Which was a bummer for us- because I literally could’ve spent the whole day their.

Would I recommend this place?

I would recommend this place if you have the elderly teenage plus kids (under 16 not allowed after 7pm) and don’t mind the smell of alcohol. We didn’t buy any drinks from here because of this reason.

But Lane 7 in Leicester is just a short walk away from the hub hub of city centre. So once the boys had rinsed me out, we crossed the road and went straight to the city centre to get some fuel into our bellies.

All in all- the younger kiddo said “Mum we may not be in London- but this place made up for it!” Happy kiddo- Happy Mum!

For more details on Lane 7- click here.

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Love and regards


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