Ladana Cafe Birmingham. Breakfast with Shisha


Is it too soon to talk about pre Covid 19 days? I felt hesitant to put this post on, because I didn’t know whether it is right or not?

Oh well, I think I’ve decided it’s about right, if lockdown continues this may be a story I won’t ever be able to tell…

Its My Birthday!

So Let’s talk birthday’s… I was turning 37 ( ouch that hurts) and in all honesty I wasn’t really feeling up to much…. 37 is definitely the wrong side of 30- and too close to 40… I couldn’t deal with it… It’s a daunting age….

The hubby dearest had a work do up in Malta. Schools and colleges were still on (lockdown started 2 weeks later).

So my plan for my special day was to lie in, fill up the tub, and then just enjoy lazing around in the house.

That was until the day before at silly o clock… The hubby walks in….”Happy Birthday!”


So there goes my day in alone in the house…. Yes I know… Sweetest surprise ever. I get it…. But like… I wanted to do nothing… At my age doing nothing is actually a gift. No matter how much ‘nothings’ we do… It’s never enough. I could do ‘nothing’ forever. Well maybe not, but I needed a ‘nothing’ day that week.

Birthday Surprise

He’s not usually a surprise kind of person, the hubby isn’t. He usually can’t keep things in…. Don’t get me wrong- he forever spoils me- but I know he’s going to spoil me before he does it. He can’t keep things in, that one. Gets too excited, spoils the surprise.

So I’m usually always aware… This surprised me- and I’ve realised I don’t like surprises. So hopefully first and last one. Well it will be once he has read this. (Hi Dude ♥️)

Birthday came- kids got off to school/college and the hubby bundled me up into the car…. And we ended up here.

Ladana Cafe Birmingham

How pretty is this place? It has proper Lauderee vibes. Off a main road, it’s the prettiest picture ever, and seems like a hideaway from the buzzing Birmingham streets.

Lets Look Inside

Well have a look. Ladana Cafe really does take your breath away….

On entrance to Ladana Cafe there’s a room blocked off by glass for families, all prettied up in pastel greens and cream, beautifully draped curtains, and chandeliers dropping from ceiling. It really is the prettiest of pictures.

The next section was better than the first.

The bold midnight blue, gold and burnt orange against the green is such a beautiful rich combination.

It oozes class, and richness. I absolutely fell in love. It is such a gorgeous set up.

One thing I hate about pretty places, I loose focus of who’s with me and pay attention to the props around me….. the hubby however loves that, he allowed me to be fascinated with my ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ and taking a picture here and there whilst he continued to work on the phone. Sometimes (just sometimes) we made a good combination.

Just look at this chandelier! ( Jaw drops!) And the drinks bar area! ( Can you tell I was excited!) By the way zoom in guys- the water bottles in the bar area are to die for…..

Next minute I know I was using Google lens to find out where I can get the tea pot, or this water bottle… Im still struggling with the water bottle. If you guys see it- please please please let me know. I must have it….. Here’s another picture of it….

I think I have made it clear how much I loved the surroundings, but a surrounding can only be made better with good food.

Read here: Ines the new Instagrammable spot in Birmingham

What we Ordered

Started our morning off with tea and mojito. Look at those cute dishes. Oh I’m a sucker for all things pretty. ( Hold on just got Google lens out again)

And for breakfast the hubby went for chicken club Sandwich whilst I decided on the eggs shakshuka with warm nan.

The club Sandwich was huge. We both could have eaten the one, and it heavy and filling. ( And so pretty) .

Same for my dish, the portion was huge was every bit divine! And the nan was super soft and warm. Surroundings ticked off, food ticked off. The extra surprise.

….we ordered a lychee and watermelon shisha……..

He knows the way to my heart. Breakfast and shisha ♥️.

Yes. The Dude smashed it. He got me rolled into one. Forget fancy smanchy dinners and high heels. You want my heart… You have to start with the best breakfast ever add in a shisha… And I’m putty in your hands!

And then, UB40 “I can’t help falling in love with you” song came on. Our wedding song. I would love to say it was planned but nope it was god who staged it not the hubby. I kept staring at him thinking he will catch on, but nope, it fell on deaf ears…. Never mind had loads of surprises already today… Plan for rest of the day….. Absolutely “NOTHING’- just the way I like it.

Ladana Cafe details can be found here….. and they do Afternoon Tea!….. Afternoon Tea and Shisha!!!! (excitings)- Once the lockdown is over…. Ill definately be paying them another visit….. (added onto to-do list)

Love and regards


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