Lacura Midnight Power Cream-Product Pick of the Month


I had a product picked out- I knew what I wanted to talk about- I had images of how I would take the pictures and whilst getting ready to write up the blog post….. I changed my mind….. Why?…..Lacura Midnight Power Cream. That’s Why

I have recently started showing empties on my Instagram now, and well I ran out of this. And although I loved the product I decided to pop in and get it when I next go to Aldi.

But now I’m finding I’m actually missing it.

Lacura Midnight Power night cream

In my usual night time routine, I keep remembering this product, because well…..I miss it, and don’t feel the same without it. Even if I didn’t do the full skincare routine- I would smack this on and I would feel refreshed straight away.

So there is no question about it really is their?

This has to be my Product Pick of the Month (and I will save the other one for next month).

What is it?

Lacura Midnight Power Cream

Lacura Midnight Power night cream

Why Lacura Midnight Power Cream?

  • Helps reduce the signs of wrinkles and tiredness
  • Luxurious Moisturising Complex with Hyaluronic Acid
  • Cruelty free
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Revitalises skin overnight
  • Keeps skin smooth and fresh

One thing I love about Aldi is that well they have the best skincare at such affordable prices. I’ll be honest previously when I was told by friends and family about skincare products from Aldi I use to pull a face. I mean what do Aldi know about skincare? Seriously!

Lacura midnight power night cream

My mind has changed since using this, and now I am that person trying to convince others that in actual fact the Brand in Aldi is great!

I think I’m a little obsessed.. May need to pay a visit tomorrow to pick one up. Night time skincare just doesn’t feel the same.

More Reasons why…..

Lacura Midnight Power night cream is infused with soothing lavender extract.

You can smell it right through when you use it. A soft and calming scent, and although a thick substance, glides on smoothly on skin, and does not leave a oily feeling.

Filled with vitamin C, jojoba oil, moisturising shea butter and hyaluronic acid to help reduce the signs of wrinkles and tiredness whilst you sleep. Bonus. Bonus. Bonus.

In the morning, you will feel a suppleness in the skin, soft and moisturising.

I didn’t know I would love this product until it finished.

I have been trying other products in between but something is lacking, and this is it!

Have you tried any of the Lacura products? Which ones are your favourite?

Lacura Midnight Power cream can be found in most Aldi stores. 50ml can be found for £3.99….cheaper than chips and it actually works!

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Love and Regards


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