LA Nights- Backyard Cinema- Wandsworth

Whilst everyone was stuck at home in Lockdown, we went to LA with the help of Backyard Cinema, and you can go too, but first let me tell you more….

What is Backyard Cinema?

Backyard cinema is an independent cinema that hosts films like no other, its a whole new cinema experience which plays on your imagination. You coming ye?

Our Experience

With a few different shows available we chose to go to LA on a first class flight with ‘Backyard AirLines’. It was needed. We have not been on a flight in ages, but this experience is like no other.

Boarding tickets securely in our hand we were taken to the first class lounge. It may have been a little room propped up to look like a first class lounge but I had all the nostalgia feels of travelling which I have been so longing for (not that I have ever been in a first class lounge! *rolls eyes*)

…and the staff were suitably dressed for the occasion too. All adding to the little details of the experience.

After spending a little time here the tannoy announced our flight was ready. (Oh the sound of the tannoy! I could listen to it all day!).

I got up to queue- when the boi who was with me, grabbed my arm and said “Mum- on a real flight we never go first- sit down- we will go at the end!” It was at this point that I realised that this experience was even more magical for him. So I sat down and we watched as the queue went down.

And now the Flight…..

From the windows, to the runway to the seating (actually the seating was better- we are in first class!). We were transported to a Plane!.

This experience definitely was more magical because we booked this trip when travelling abroad was banned due to Covid. I looked behind at the Boi- who was buckling up his seatbelt – “You ready?”

“Mum- Our seats are not like this on a normal plane….”

“Ofcourse not baby- We in First Class!” Muhahahahahahah. (ok ok its not the real thing- I know! But whatever. I’m going LA are you? nananana na!! *pulls face*). With the safety guidelines- to the live entertainment on board- it was pure Bliss.

And then we landed.

Taken through a tunnel, we headed to our destination-

Los Angeles

A visual escape. Extremely Sandy floors, comfy bean bag sofa seats, warm settings, palm trees, disco ball, visionary little balcony areas, ….

We were taken to a world away from our own.

With the kiddos being with us we opted for the Avengers movie. Bought our drinks from the bar and sat down to enjoy our movie- in a cinema like no other….. But not before a little entertainment dancing and sing along before the movie started. Ah the little quips here and there are endless.

What else?

Backyard cinema hosts more than just films. With various bars, food joints, live music, and photo points it’s more than just a cinema day out.

Various themes are available- we chose to go to LA Nights. A theme called ‘Miami nights’ was also available at the same time. The themes do change throughout the year- but after this experience I’m sure regardless of what theme you go for- it’ll be a total vibe. (*please note. The aeroplane experience is not included in Miami Nights*)

So that’s our little adventure.

Our trip to backyard cinema was at £24.99 per person (this varies on movies- and age) and movies are usually the classics or novelty.

We didn’t have food as its a non- halal menu, but we did buy the non- alcoholic cocktails and Popcorn which were all at £5 each.

(*Hint* I’m not saying you should- but you ‘could’ bring your own drinks. No- one was checking and generally all staff were very nice *hint* **wink wink*.)

How would I sum it up? A Total Vibe! We loved our experience, and definitely its one of those we would recommend to others without a thought. I’m actually looking forward to what they have on near Christmas time. Christmas movies are the best and I did see a Winter Wonderland Theme which got my heart racing.

For more details/ booking on The Backyard Cinema- click here.

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Have you been to The Backyard Cinema? Which theme did you go for and how was your experience?

Love and Regards


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