La Maison Leicester. Chic little Cafe.


Mondays are dedicated to Sabina, Have I mentioned this before?

I have? Oh sorry, just needed to confirm it again. I get confused what I’ve told you, and what I’ve told my Instagram followers. I should keep it the same really, and I try to- but its so much easier to just post a picture on Instagram.

Writing up takes a while longer, but I love it. Just takes longer. That’s all,

Its a Monday, and so Where will we going?

Well we decided on this place today,

La Maison Leicester

La Maison Leicester is a chic little cafe in Leicester city centre. Offering some overly pretty pictures on Instagram, I had to tick it off.

So what do me and Sabina do every Mondays?

Well The best catch up’s are made over Instagrammable food, and La Maison Leicester did not disappoint.

Can we just take a minute to appreciate this?

We were given a buzzer to call for service once seated. I mean how cute? We were both fascinated by this. It definitely beats having a waiter come to you every minute to ask if your ready to order.

Sabina loved it, she even pressed it to check if it was working. We sent the poor waitress back, because we weren’t ready to order yet.

Just checking to see if the batteries were working you know? (* rolls eye*)

Also Friends Playing on every damn screen!! I’ve already sold my soul at this point.

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Lets move on the Food?

For drinks we had Virgin Mojito’s, and the French Toast Rollup’s which is french toast bread rolled up in Nutella with Strawberrie’s and Bananas, and a huge dollop of Ice cream. Had to do a bit of the ‘french’ considering La Maison is french for ‘ the house’.

Fun Fact: Why is french toast called french toast?

A dude called Joseph French created it in 1724, and it became a success. Being grammatically inept he didn’t have a name for it, and so it was called French’s toast when people wanted it, and later stuck to French toast.

So if you get this question on your next pub quiz. Remember me!

We also decided on the tangy lime wings with a side of french fries. This was absolutely divine! definitely tangy and fresh tasting. I absolutely loved it.

La Maison is divided into sections, the front has the marble table with the cushioned chairs, and further back they have the sofa seating with the coffee tables.

So whether your after formal seating, or comfy. They offer a bit of both.

I enjoyed La Maison so much I visited again a couple weeks later with my own Girly’s.

This time we went for the full Breakfast.

The Breakfast was very well propotioned in size, and covers everything I would expect from a Full Breakfast, and this time I went for the French Toast (not roll ups) because….. ‘La Maison’ right? Got to be done, keep the spirit going.

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The breakfast was enjoyed by all, and the french toast? Absolutely sickeningly sweetly devoured. Yum!

My Verdict

Its clean, its chic, and the service is good too.

I enjoyed my experience and I’m not saying that because they have friends playing. Although that does help aLOT.

I just have one issue- You guy’s know I love my cups right? and I ordered English Tea.

Well tea were served in a Latte cup. You guys know that this is a big issue for me right? Probably makes me sound silly and childish. But tea needs to be served in a tea cup. Okay?.

It just does not taste right from a Latte Cup.

Apart from that, its 100 percent for me.

Have you guys been to La Maison? How did you find it? What did you order?

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Love and regards


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Transparency: All thoughts and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way at all.

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