La Foret Cafe- Leicester, Quite possibly my favourite cafe

Who finds the best cafes in town?! Not me! That’s the wrong answer. I’d like to say its me too, but it’s not. Its actually Katija. She found it. But this could quite possibly be my favourite Cafe. Called La Foret Cafe

The name ‘La Foret Cafe’ comes from the French term ‘Foret’- which means Forest, referring to the humble beginning of the owners who have backgrounds in Tunisia, France and Bosnia.

The clash of the cultures are all shown within the interior decoration. And with the diversity of the cultures it’s definitely interesting to see what the menu and the food would be like.

Have I mentioned, It is the cutest Cafe Ever?- and quite possibly my favourite Cafe?

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The Interior

Keeping to the name- the interior reflects the Forest with the walls covered in leaves , hanging ivy and wooden counters. It also reflects the different cultures with the hanging pot plants and clay plates. Its small, its definitely unique and chic and its quite possibly my favourite Cafe ever.

Lets Order…..

And now the food, it was interesting to see the menu. La Foret caters for a wide audience, firstly I need to mention its Halal- so that is the biggest tick for me, and La Foret also caters for gluten free, vegans, and the healthy superfoods.

But hey it if says halal that’s more than enough for me.

We ordered the Red velvet Latte, which was really creamy and although bitter had a sweet taste to it. I absolutely devoured this.

Chocolate and Mixed berry American Pancakes, on which they poured their handmade chocolate sauce and topped it with Pistachio. Yum!!

Eggs Florentine– which is a homemade bread topped with grilled spinach and mushroom, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, pumpkin seeds and parsley. Quite possibly the best Egg Florentine I’ve had.

I had to give the Luna Latte a try because the red velvet Latte was so good, and this ones blue (I don’t know what’s in it) but its rich and creamy and deliciously sweet.

And on the speciality they had Pomegranate and Elderflower cake, which had rose petals on it- so I had to have it. (I swear to you I subconsciously love the colour pink!)

By the way did you noticed the Cutlery? the Clay Cutlery? so vibrant with its intricate colours and designs. The food sat so eloquently inside. This isn’t food, This is art people. A dish full of ethnicity.

Also did I mention that this is quite possibly my favourite Cafe?

What brought us here?- I mean really we don’t need a excuse – but this one was for our little sisters engagement, which we mentioned to the owners, and they popped on this little treat for her.

Just how cute is this?

The Verdict

I don’t think I need to tell you how I found the food, but i’ll say it one last time. This is quite possibly my favourite Cafe Ever.

I definitely will be going back for more- there is so much more I need to try.

Have you been to La Foret Cafe? What did you think of it?

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Love and regards


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