& Kith Review- Social Dining and Dry Bar in Leicester.

The thing with me is- I have this absolute fascination for London that I forget about the spots back at home. And & Kith was a spot I had forgotten completely.

That’s until I was going mad at home and needed time out- called up Afsha and we ended up outside here.

Firstly a little background about the place?

& Kith means ‘friends’- (I read that somewhere- I don’t know where but its online somewhere), and so the name refers to __________& Friends. And so the concept is….. Coffee & Friends, Brunch & Friends, Dinner & Kith….. Get it? Of course you do! and I Love it!!

Also & Kith not only serve Halal food- but they are also a ‘Dry Bar’. Do you know how happy that makes Me?

This place is ‘Halal’ and ‘No Alcohol’ and it looks like this?! What a generation to be alive in. This Place takes the Halal scene of Leicester to another dimension.

First Impression on entrance, ‘Absolutely Stunning!’ Its light, its airy, its contemporary, its so open and feels breezy. Spots of light, faint dusky pink pop ups, and the plant’s break off the interior so nicely. (It looks so Haraam! This is a #ifyouknowyouknow moment only muslim’s will understand)

I absolutely loved that they had a Bar area, although a dry bar- the feel of a bar felt so cool! (we don’t get this kinda stuff in halal places, can you hear my excitement?!)

The interior seems to be a mix match of areas- going from informal with benches and stools, to table and chairs and also some couch type seating, but it all sits so well together.

There is ample space between table and chairs for maximum privacy, and I want to tell you so much more- but I just can’t. It’s just beautiful. A must visit and so different from all the ‘Halal’ places Leicester has to offer.

& Kith is definitely trying to set a new tone for Halal restaurants out there, and I’m up for it 100%

So… What did we Order?

We got to &Kith in the morning, and so it was a breakfast date. The actual owner of & Kith served us, which was nice and he was very welcoming and friendly too.

We had heard a lot about the Pistachio Latte- so that was one thing we both knew we wanted. Unfortunately it was not available due to lack of supplies, Covid, EU….. same old circus we hear everywhere we go at the moment.

And so we took the recommendation of the owner who suggested the Kinder Bueno Hazelnut Latte and Spanish Rose latte (For me obviously!)

For breakfast we went for the Buttered Garlic mushrooms with Beef bacon and poached egg on a toasted bread.

And the Berry and Vanilla Pancakes.

And obviously we took the best pictures ever.

How was it?

I didn’t actually try the Kinder Bueno Hazelnut Latte (Gosh that’s a gobfull of a name isn’t it?) but Afsha found it a little too sweet- she did say it’s not too bad- just definitely for the sweet toother’s.

My Rose Latte was really nice. I would like for them to create a ‘hot’ version of this too! I’m sure I’d love that even more.

The Buttered Garlic mushroom toast? Absolutely divine! Every mouthful was moreish! I loved it, I would definitely go back for this again.

The Pancakes…. ooopsie. It did make an absolutely gorgeous picture- but they were dry, even with the sauce on top- it just felt dry. I don’t know if this was a one off- because I have heard from others that they loved it. So I’m not knocking this place off just yet.

As Afsha said we need to go back for the famous Pistachio Latte.

& Kith can be found at 32 Granby Street in Leicester. For me details on & Kith Click here

Have you been to & Kith? How did you find it? What did you try out?

For more of my adventures in Leicester just click here.

Love and Regards


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