Istanbul Diaries Day 4 : The Blue Mosque and The Clay Pot.

The Blue Mosque

We woke up early once again, this was out last full day in Istanbul- our flight being tomorrow afternoon, we had to make this day just as productive…… Also its Friday so that means Jummah (Friday)Prayers.

We skipped breakfast and had tea and biscuits in our small hotel room and left early from the hotel. The main aim was to try and get into the Blue Mosque for Jummah. 

People had already started queuing up and we were an hour and a half early. We were advised that the Blue Mosque only opens for Friday Prayers whilst the renovations are going on- but as soon we got in we realised it was not the case.

The inside of the mosque is not accessible but I managed to get a spot within the walls of the Blue Mosque in the gardens and I was quite happy there. We do have to bring our own prayer mats and have a mask on throughout. Everyone kept the distance of around a metre within the ‘bubbles’ so social distancing was maintained quite well, and everyone just seemed to adhere to the rules. I just found it a little sad because so many more people could have fit inside. 

The Gardens of the Blue Mosque were so peaceful and quiet, a silent murmur is all you could hear although their were hundreds of people around. The Magic was when we could hear the Adhaan (call to prayer)  from both the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia together. Such a beautiful experience, something I will never forget.

After Prayers we needed to fill our bellies and decided on street food. Istanbul has street food in every corner. We decided on kebabs and bbq sweetcorn. Not exactly the healthiest of breakfast but it went down a treat. Knowing it was our last day, we didn’t want to do too much, and the last 3 days were quite productive anyway. Today the plan was to enjoy the things we know best and enjoy best… so that means:

Hasanpasa Konagi

………Yes of course we had a walk back to here, and stopped for our Shisha and Milkshake one last time, we walked in and out of the shops picking up little bits and pieces for the family and then walked back to Sultan Ahmet square to visit the majestic that is Hagia Sophia for the last time, We managed to get in for prayer time and spend the afternoon taking in the beauty, and sitting within the calmness of the place.

One Last Prayer inside the Hagia Sophia

Last day also means packing so I stayed in and packed up the suitcases whilst the hubby went for a Hamam (Turkish Bath/Massage). I love my massages and spas- but I have a problem when I go abroad I just cant deal with them. I have a really negative image of massages abroad- I really don’t know why or where this impression came from so for me Massages are left for home.

Although the Hotel offers Hamam and Spas and treatment, it is always better to see what is available outside. The hubby managed to get in 3 Hamam treatments for £30 altogether (£10 for one treatment) at another hotel further down the street. A word of advice- always make sure you see the place before booking it in.

The Clay Pot at Adonin Cafe

Our last stop and last meal in Istanbul……. – Adonin Cafe …… Why?  because the Footy was on! and we had to find a place that gave us a good meal, shisha and watch the Footy, and this place ticked all the boxes…….

Yes we take our football seriously…. well the boys do anyway……. Me…….. I just ordered the Clay Pot for the Photo Moment……… Hey it’s whats called a compromise? I will sit through the Football for a Clay Pot Photo moment…….

We are all winners at the end right? and what can I say?…..The food at the Adonin was divine! A must visit people. Put it on your list, and …… they also show Football….. Double bonus…… Kind of……

And after that delicious meal, delicate shisha and an awful game, the miserable men of my life and I ended our night walking the streets of Istanbul, taking in its aura and magic.

That’s all I got from my Istanbul diaries

Next up…I’ll be doing a short bucket list of do’s and do not’s. Enjoy it here

Stay tuned

Love and regards


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