Is Man Flu a Real thing?


In comes the hubby, breathing heavily, dark eye circles, face dropped, holding his hand to his chest “It’s Man flu” he said,

“What? Flu? ” I responded,

“Man flu, Man flu” he responded so confidently

“Urm.. Is that a thing?…uh…”

” That’s what the Doctor said”

“Are you sure the doctor said MAN flu?” I asked in disbelief. Surely he’s taking the piss? And surely my husband knows what Man flu actually is? Does he?

He grabbed the hot water bottle that I had ready for him and made his way upstairs to bed.

My heads frazzled, Man flu! Man flu, the doctor said Man flu, is that a thing? I always thought Man flu was over exaggerated flu- suffered by a man…. So is the doctor taking the piss, (are they allowed to do that?) Or is there a condition called ‘Man Flu”.

I wanted to laugh, but what if I’m wrong? So before I decide to take the piss, I go onto Google,

Yup. I am right “A cold or similar minor ailment as experienced by a man who is regarded as exaggerating the severity of the symptoms”. This made me realise how much a person of authority has power, the doctor totally took the piss out his patient, and the patient believed him- because he is the ‘Doctor’.

I’m not so sure the doctor should be saying these things, especially because the hubby has taken him seriously, and calling everyone and saying he’s got ‘Man Flu’ ultimately making himself look bad. I’m in so much shock no one corrected him yet….. Seriously guys he’s not that scary! but I guess the good thing is we can have a laugh about it.

I mean this is just flu we talking about, We all know that if men had to carry babies, the human race would be extinct by now. Luckily for us and especially the Men, responsibility of that lies on the women. (*eye roll*)

But then I decided to research more- you know how it is, it starts off with researching for flu, ends up browsing with a full shopping basket, and empty bank balance… I’ve not put card details in yet, but it’s coming.

Dr Kyle Sue, a Canadian doctor, has found that men’s immune system is less resilient then a womens immune system, and that is due to testosterone in men with supresses the immune system, whilst a womens sex hormone boosts the system, allowing them to fight the flu and also overcome it more quickly. (Sounds like Freudian shizz to me).

And Dr Kyle Sues suggestion for recovery: “Perhaps now is the time for male friendly spaces, equipped with enormous televisions and reclining chairs, to be set up where men can recover from the debilitating effects of man flu in safety and comfort.”

I see you all reading that again, and again, and over and over. Trust me I did the same. I’m also on google, trying to find out where this imbecile lives so that I can throttle him. (If you do find out. Do let me know- and it would be an even bigger pleasure if you’d join me.)

Needless to say Dr Kyle Sue, obviously at one point in his life has been told he is suffering from …. Man flu, (the female version not the scientific version). And couldn’t handle it. (Testosterone and that)

And luckily for us, a lot more doctors believe that the flu is gender neutral. So Dr Kyle needs to move onto something new. (Can you hate someone you don’t know?) I suggest he carries a baby!

Going back to the Man flu though, my best remedy: Night Nurse. Overdosed for 5 days straight, so they just sleep through it, because seriously this man flu affects the whole household.

And now that Dr Kyle has ruined my day, I’ve added even more things to my shopping basket. Ready to check out. Hope you enjoyed the read, let me know your thoughts.

Love and regards


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