Brunch with Girls ideas worthy of Instagram and Pinterest.

One thing I am really looking forward to after this Lock down is hosting. I have not hosted properly since March, a few bits and pieces here and there but nothing major or OTT, and I really miss that.

(Check out my Pancakes and Pyjamas Party, Canapé Party, and High Chaii here)

I also miss going out for Brunch, London being the major hot spot for all brunch dates…. And so brunch now goes on at home, in the -in between days when we are waiting for Boris to tell us whether we can or can’t meet with our friends and family in the home….

Just before the (I really don’t know what number anymore) lock down, I had my nearest and dearest girlfriends over for brunch … its a girls brunch date.

The term brunch with friends has really changed…. Don’t you think? Before it was about eating with friends- as it’s called….

Now it’s about getting that perfect photo, with glorious pretty food, and being able to tag everyone and sharing it all… Oh and eating it after all the pretty photos obviously…

Well it’s definitely changed for me, my nearest and dearest actually just want to eat- but they know when Mubina wants to host- Mubina will host….and Mubina hosted. ( It’s so weird saying and reading my name out like that!)

So this is my little blog post on how to make an Insta worthy brunch without too much hard work…(I don’t do hard work….it’s too much hard work) . Its a girls brunch date…..

To make it Insta worthy, colours are so important, the brighter the better!! All girls brunch should have fruits- they are so colourful, and you can do so much with them…

brunch with girls idea- fruit platter.

When I talk about texture I’m talking about the texture and shape of the food…for example a grazing board has loads of texture, we have the creamy houmous (in a bowl), and the crackly thin breads (nice and tall), the oily olives (small and round), the juicy tomatoes (cut up in cubes or strips)….. really all I am saying is be adventurous, dip anything and everything….

In terms of eating…. well we girls love a natter, we love picking food, and we love sitting hours on end… get textured food that can be picked and dipped whilst talking…

brunch with girls idea

Something sweet
Okay not my favourite part- but you always need a little bit of sweetness on a table… I actually cheat (sometimes… Ok! Ok! most of the time!) But for that sweet treat you could do anything really, from cake, cheesecake, dainty delicacies, or even the mini desserts you get In Iceland! Which are always my last minute option! Make it Fun

brunch with girls ideas
nata’s and dainty delights….

Dishes are important to get that final look, experiment but also keep some sort of consistency. I am absolutely loving the wooden boards, and slates at the moment. My absolute fave. Dig into your cupboard and see what else you can find, sometimes you find a hidden gem you didn’t realise you had- like the nachos tray I used…. I’ve had it over 10 years but it’s come in use today, and don’t it look good?

Quick food
If the girls are coming- it’s quick food, if anyone understand’s how hard it is to host- it’s the girls- and so it’s all about the quick foods. I find bruschetta is an easy one, nachos another easy one, fruit platter, grazing platter, maybe a few dainty delights from a bakery, dainty desserts, nothing that requires too much hard work. Cold meats, Cheeses, Omg ?Yum…….. Oh when will lock down end.


From The cups you use to the dishes you serve it all, it’s all about the details….clash the colours, clash the shapes and create. Think of it as a art project…..

…..and now I’m patiently waiting for Boris to allow us to open the doors so that I can plan the Ultimate party for my loved ones.

How about you? What are you looking forward to the most once Lock down is over?

Love and Regards


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