Im nearing 40 and a size 8- Here’s why I’m Dieting.


We live in a Diet fuelled culture at the moment, I don’t know whether it was the Lock down in 2020 that brought that in to our lives or whether it something to do with growing up and ageing.

Seeing changes in the body whilst ageing is definitely a reason to diet regardless of what size you are. Only YOU know your body, Only YOU understand your body and see the changes. Changes that sometimes are not just on the outside but also on the inside.

Here’s how I’m making my changes,

Dieting Includes Exercise

My Exercising involves making my brain a healthy space

Not everything in life is about ‘how you look’- sure a red lip can add a little confidence in your step but sometimes its the part’s within the body that need more attention.

The brain for example- we can’t see it, yet its something that should not be ignored. An unhealthy brain can and will eventually show up on the outside.

so how do we have a healthy brain?

  1. Sleep is important Yes! we all know this but so is taking time out during the day. Don’t overfill your day with to-dos, balance it with a little me-time.
  2. Write it down. If its going to make your day easier just write it down and have a look at the list throughout the day.
  3. Water. Drink plenty of water- the brain needs hydration in order for it to work effectively.
  4. Caffeine– Stay away from it!
  5. Stimulation– The brain is like a muscle- the more you use it- the better it will work. Play mind games- sudoko, chess, word puzzles, all of this keeps the brain stimulated and working longer going forward

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Dieting involves Eating Healthy Foods

My Dieting involves only letting healthy people in my life.

We are constantly told to let people off all ‘walks’ into our life. To not judge and accept a person for what they are. Yes. I’ve agreed to that most of my life, but sometimes that can actually be unhealthy.

But first in order to understand who is ‘healthy’ for you and who is ‘unhealthy’ you have to learn to love your self. As soon as you have figured this out, you will learn who is ‘unhealthy’ for you. If you are put in position where you have to question yourself, where you are compromising yourself, where you are putting up appearances or not being real to yourself. Let that person go.

If a person gives off negative energy, makes you work at a relationship, makes you feel not good enough. Let them go.

If a person disrespects you intentionally, and refuses to take accountability for their actions. Let them go.

People that Love you will accept you as you are. Be Yourself, Be You, Be Loved.

And Everyone Else. Let them go.

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Dieting involves Counting Calories

My counting will be how far and how well I have progressed. (highs and lows)

I mean it can be quite daunting, this calorie counting, looking at the intake, taking into account any deficits, but if you are committed, all this should be taken with a pinch of salt.

I’ll be counting my blessings, my affirmations, how far I have come, what I have learnt and what I have gained.

At the same time I’ll also be counting my losses. All diet’s have a cheat day somewhere right? and like a cheat day I’ll be counting them as a positive, to learn from them, and to better myself going forward.

This leads nicely to the next one-

Dieting involves Commitment and Motivation

My Commitment is not to let myself down, and not allow anyone else to bring me down.

With dieting you have to make a lot of changes in your life, whether that be meal prepping, change your shopping, and filling out slots in your diary for exercise. All of this is a commitment to yourself and you need to motivate yourself for this too.

My dieting commitment is not to let myself down, to stand firm in what I believe in and to not let others control what I am feeling or what I should be feeling. To accept that everyone is different but at the end of it. Be Myself and do what makes me happy.

This involves motivation, and motivation will only come from people who accept you for who you are . So as said previously keep the ‘healthy’ people in your life- they will motivate you to be the bigger and best version of yourself.

Dieting involves Consistency

My Consistency is to be Strong.

In order to be consistent when your challenging yourself- you do need to be strong. Head strong. Mentally fit to carry it out.

Consistency is hard. Maybe the hardest. Consistency means proving yourself day in and day out, its like making a habit out of something you want. But it is the most effective and most important if you want to ‘diet’ well.

How to be consistent: Have a Goal i.e to be more assertive

Now focus on that. Work out how you will get to your goal. Will anything come in the way. What will be easy?. What will be hard?. How will you will try and fight for it.

Celebrate every little outcome. Learn from any set backs, keep your emotions in place and keep moving forward. Soon that habit will become a part of your nature.

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Dieting Involves Willpower

My willpower will be my Drive

At the start of a diet willpower is always at its highest, its as time progresses bad habits start to seep through causing the cracks.

The best way to deal with willpower is slowly and effectively. Not much can be changed at once, but with small gradual steps willpower can be easy.

Take breaks when it gets Overwhelming. We all get overwhelmed at times, its best to be able to recognise when we are overwhelmed and then be able to take time out to detach yourself from the situation. This will then keep your will power in place as you’ve not been deflected from it.

Being able to do this is an act of building self-awareness, it helps in not acting impulsively, it keeps the focus of what we want to do and what we are feeling in two separate places, allowing you to get back to your goals.

And so guys, that is why as I reach my 40’s as a woman, still stretching into size 8 Jeans (though for how much longer I’m not too sure) I choose to diet.

What do your diet plans include? How are you getting along with them?

Love and regards


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