I went for a Spa Day at Breedon Priory Spa


Did someone says theirs a NEW SPA and it’s just round the corner from me? Breedon Priory Spa

By round the corner I mean a 40 minute drive away- but literally that is round the corner. We’ve missed a lot of birthdays what with Covid, and the ‘we are allowed out/not allowed out fiasco’ that had been going on.

But we are back baby, and it seems that Covid has disappeared too. I’m not complaining. And so I hunted up this place and booked me and Katija in as her late birthday present.

So…. Are you coming with us?

Lets talk location

Okay! Okay I said round the corner, but it a 40 minute drive away. Breedon Priory Spa is set in the heart of East Midlands, on the border of Derby. This makes it perfect for us to go in between school hours.

Day Spa

We went for the morning package which was 9-1, I did call them to ask if they could accommodate us between 10-2 as we would be dropping kids off to school and then making our way to the spa- and if we leave at 2- we could make it back in time to pick them up. The polite lady said they they would be happy to accommodate.

I have since noticed that they have made a permanent change on the website to reflect this. And it actually says- ‘Ideal for times between the school runs’ Bravo! Well impressed with that

Facilities at Breedon Priory Spa

Changing rooms

The changing rooms are big and spacious, mostly open spaced with a few enclosed pods for private changing. The lockers are complete with a towel, robe and slippers.

Showers and toilets are both available in the changing rooms, the showers equipped with shampoo, and showergels,

Dressing tables with hairdryer station and the cutest little sanitation stations.

I mean really what more could you want from a changing room?

Outdoor facilities

With two outside pools – a Vitality pool with a range of different features and a relaxation pool with the ever famous infinity edge. The Edge should be overlooking a lake and country however works are still being carried out and so instead we got to see a tractor and a lot of mud considering British wet and windy weather.

Indoor facilities

The spa’s thermal suite has a Himalayan salt sauna, a herbal sauna, an aroma steam room, herbal steam room as well as an ice fountain and experience showers.

Inside their are also relaxation areas and slumber rooms, and the prettiest corners at every turn for pure relaxing.

Their is also a beautiful spa restaurant where we had our lunch and a garden cafe for hot and cold drinks.

This spa is a cosy haven of relaxation, and peace.


The spa also offers a room called ‘The Hideaway’, which we didn’t get a chance to see as their was someone already using it. As the name suggests ‘The Hideaway’ is an intimate spa for two or an exclusive spa for a group of four, that allows guests to seclude themselves from the world and escape to their own private area for a few hours.

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The cutest little details. On entrance along with the most creamiest hot chocolate, we were given a hand sanitising station (which was put into place for Covid). I loved the whole concept from the inflating cotton towel to the scent of the sanitiser. This was also placed in various spots around the spa.

In special corners of the Spa they had hideaway Ferrero Rocher! Shhhh…. that almost feels naughty. Spa should not be offering chocolate. Not that I’m complaining.

Lunch at Breedon Priory

We had requested a Vegetarian lunch. We all know that spas generally do not cater for halal meals (YET! I have hope) but we had to make it clear that their should be no contamination, it should be cooked separately and also that no alcohol should be present in food.

This was met by a slight confusion and surprise, however all questions were taken back to the chef and all needs and questions were answered properly.

I do find that usually around Leicester the staff are well prepared and aware of our halal requirements, especially as soon as they see a fully covered Burkini and headscarf. But here it definitely was a learning curve. I know loads of people who will be going here and I’m sure they will accommodate for it better, and hopefully their will be more on offer in the restaurant too- as it was very limited. We only had a choice of 2 starters and one main for vegetarian lunch

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For Appetisers we were given warm brioche rolls with burnt courgette, and a lemon and chilli dip. This was moreish and we devoured it.

For starters Katija went for the vegan soup of the day, which she loved, and I went for the Iberico chorizo crispy fried brie, in a romesco sauce with toasted pinenuts.

For mains their was only one option available of the roast cod with puy lentil and root vegetable ragout, pancetta, salsa verde and lemon Alioli

Food wise- its a spa- expect spa food. Either you love it or you don’t. The food was tasty but generally I prefer Afternoon teas at Spa’s, because really you cant go wrong with an cheese and cucumber sandwich, but this was not available in our package.

Would I come again?

Oh YES! in a heartbeat! This reminded us of a smaller Carden Park and its just a 40 minute drive away and also at a fraction of the price. I’m not sure whether by the time the spa is fully done, their will be an increase, so hop on guys whilst you can.

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Their was only thing missing for me. The foot baths. I really enjoy them and look forward to them. Maybe we see this in the coming future?

We paid £85 per person for the morning day spa with Lunch included, (this does not include treatments.)

Have you been to the Breedon Piory Spa? How did you find it?

Click here for more information on Breedon Priory Spa

Click here or Breedon Priory Instagram page

What is your favourite spa?

Love and regards


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