I had Breakfast at Chocoberry Leicester. Does it beat the Desserts?


Chocoberry initially opened up as a dessert shop in Leicester, I remember it being a hit straight away, from the floral walls to the location to the pretty desserts and the prices. It literally came in and is here to stay for the long run.

Since then, more Chocoberry’s have opened up here and there, but the one I was looking forward to the most is the one on London Road. Chocoberry Leicester London Road is now the flagship store.

In the most sought-after location, next to the best restaurants and desserts spots Leicester has to offer, this was a bold and very courageous move.

What was more courageous and had me a little stumbled was that not only was this a dessert place, it was now to offer food….. urm

Could this be a oops moment?

The day it opened, it was packed, but we expect this. It’s a standard, right? With the world full of Instagrammers, we knew it would be. But, would it hold up, though?

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Breakfast dates are usually with my girls, my school friends’ girls, and so a date was set and off we went.

Chocoberry Leicester Interior

I dont need to tell you how beautiful it is inside. The pictures I have taken do absolutely no justice at all.

Its a palace of preetiness.

Im already obsessed over the desserts, thats a huge 10/10 for me, so now to try out the breakfast.

Breakfast at Chocoberry Leicester

The menu was very detailed, and they had a fair bit of variety. We were here for breakfast. They had a variety of breakfasts on offer from English breakfast, Shakshuka, Mediterranean, and the Big Bang.

With a name like that, their was no other choice, we opted for the ‘Big Bang Breakfast’

Why? Well, we were intrigued. The big bang had a combination of sweet and savoury.

In the big bang we got omelette, beans, hash browns, toast, a block of halloumi cheese, grapevine tomatoes, smashed avocado and seasoned fried mushrooms, salad, along with French toast, mixed berries and a pot of honey.

Do you understand why it’s called a big bang? You do, don’t you?

We also opted for a desi omelette on the side and sauted mushrooms on toasted bread.

The Big Bang and the omelette were devoured. It’s at the top with my favourite place for breakfast.

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The sauted mushrooms were delicious, soft and delectable, and nicely seasoned, but we just found that their was a little too much mushroom…. I don’t know if that’s a thing, though? I’ve never heard anyone complain about too much of something.

So I don’t know if that’s a pro or a con. The pro part being, I would order this again and recommend it to anyone. So more a Pro.

And obviously, we kept the drinks to a standard. English tea all the way. Just as I like it. And a nice cup helps.

My Verdict

So now we need to answer the question, desserts, or breakfast? And the honest answer is…. both!.

I devoured this place. Not only is it a vision, but the food is impeccable! Its definitely right up there in my top hotspots.

Next time… Dinner at chocoberry. You coming aren’t you?

Have you been to chocoberry? Which one? And how did you find it?

Click here for Chocoberry web page.

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Transparency: All thoughts and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

Love and regards

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