How to make Pink Tea Bomb- Kashmiri Tea.

Did you see that right? Did you here that right?…. Pink Kashmiri Tea Chocolate Bombs?……… Of course you did. While the world is going crazy over Hot Chocolate Bombs I had to do something a little different and you guys know I love my tea right? so Pink Kashmiri Tea Chocolate Bomb it is and it is oh so pretty too…..

Pink Kashmiri Tea

The process is very similar to the Hot Chocolate bombs I made earlier, here is the link….. just that this has a twist…. Its tea! …. Pink Kashmiri Tea!

SO Lets get straight into it:


  • Pink Kashmiri Tea Packet (I like to cheat)
  • White Chocolate
  • Pink Chocolate colouring
  • Rose petals or saffron
  • Crushed Pistachios
  • Hot milk
  • Round silicone moulds

And that’s all folks! Really that’s all! Seriously, I am not joking

And here’s what to do with it all….

Melt the white chocolate in burst’s in the microwave until fully melted. (You can read how I melt chocolate on my previous blog of Hot chocolate here.) Add a little of the chocolate colouring to give it a slight tint of pink.

Silicone mould for Hot chocolate bombs

Cover the moulds with the melted chocolate and put it into the fridge for 10-15 minutes until the chocolate has gone hard. Once set peel the moulds out…

Add a spoonful of Kashmiri Tea on one side of the half mould- add a little Saffron, Rose Petals and Crushed Pistachio.

On the other half drizzle some white chocolate and decorate with rose petals and more crushed pistachios ….

Warm up a empty glass plate in a microwave. This is to join the 2 ends of the mould together. Run the edge of the empty mould on the warm plate until the chocolate slightly melts and use this to seam the two half moulds together….

Isn’t it the prettiest?

Once done and set pop your Pink Kashmiri Tea Bomb into your favourite mug and pour your hot milk over……. and watch the magic.

So pretty and so thick and tasty- I don’t think I can have kashmiri tea any other way now….

Give it a try. I promise you its worth it:

Love and Regards


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