How to make a Cupcake Bouquet the Easy way

Hello there folks! Hows it going? Its been a wee while! and although i’m not ready to talk about why I disappeared, I am here to do another DIY. Because we all love DIY’s. This time its a Cupcake Bouquet.

I actually did this near mothers day (in March *so sorry*) and if you follow me on insta you probably have already seen a reel on it too, but I didn’t quite get round to writing it up…..

But here it is! It a simple and easy way of making a Cupcake Bouquet (better late than never right?!)

You guys know I Love cheating right? Of course you do. I love making life easy- not just for myself but for you too…. so loads of cheat’s coming right up!!

Lets do this shall we?

What you need:

  • Cupcakes ( I bought the mini supermarket ones in vanilla and chocolate)
  • Buttercream (I bought supermarket buttercream and coloured it pink! )
  • Fondant (to make the stalks and bow)
  • Pink Gel Colour ( for buttercream and Fondant bow)
  • Green Gel colour for Stalks ( or just buy green fondant)
  • Board/Tray ( I used a wooden board I had at home)
  • Edible Glue (but water worked for mine)
  • Nozzle and piping bag
  • Glitter (because sparkly is always nice)

Did you see the amount of cheating I did?? Ahhh it makes life easier for me and for you. Seriously stop complaining and just do it…..

So Lets Make it:

Use a dab of Buttercream to stick your cupcakes onto the board- try and keep the cupcakes together at the top- these are going to be your roses so align it according to your board and also how you want your cupcake bouquet to look.

Once you have your cupcakes in place use the Wilton Rose Tip 2D- to ice each cupcake into a rose effect. You can see a video of me doing it here.

Once they are all done. colour your white fondant green and make it into long threads for the stalks of the roses. Pile these on top of each other (You can use edible glue- but water sometimes works as well)

Make a bow out of Pink Fondant and place this on top of your stalks…

Decorate with gypsophila and glitter or anything else you feel fits the theme…..

and there you go…

Isn’t it beautiful? My Mamma was impressed. Make it for a birthday or an anniversary. Its quick and easy!

Like this? Have a look at the Strawberry Bouquet I made- just here.

Love and regards


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