How to make a Chocolate Heart Box. Perfect for Valentine’s…..

Does anyone ever even say February anymore? Shouldn’t it be January- Valentine’s, March, April?? January feels like a whole year- it just doesn’t end, and then February comes through like a weekend, who feels me?

So what’ll it be people? Valentines or Galentine’s?…… Or both? Heck why not?!

I’m just trying to keep up with the latest trends, at my age- keeping up is getting harder and harder! But I had to post this up before Valentines- so that you guys can get trying.

So who’s gone a bit Gah-Gah over these breakable Chocolate Heart Boxes? Urm ….Me, Me, Me!

chocolate heart box

And I had to give it a try…. Because I do, because I just do…. That’s what I do…. I do! Hehe, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it actually is…

For those of who who are wondering what it is- it is a chocolate heart box which you break up and find all sorts of goodies inside. The goodies can be anything you wish that go inside the chocolate mould….. Sweets, Chocs, Jewellery, Perfumes, Toys….. Engagement Ring? hehe! …. So Come on….Come and join me….. Let’s break those Hearts! … Well……lets start by making them first……

Here’s What you will Need:

  • Heart Mould (I bought mine from Amazon)
  • 300 grams White Chocolate
  • Pink Chocolate Colour
  • Sprinkles/ Rose Petals
  • Cake Board/ Tray/ Box (to put the mould on)
  • Goodies to put inside (I used Marshmallows, Lovehearts and Raindrops)
  • Wooden Hammer (to break chocolate- I bought it off amazon)

And Here is what to do with it All:

Melt 200 grams of chocolate. I use the Microwave to melt it. The full instruction on how i do this can be found on the Hot Chocolate Bomb blog just here.

Add a little pink colour to the chocolate and pour the melted chocolate into the mould and spread around

Once the mould is covered, remove the excess chocolate, and put the mould into fridge for 15 minutes or until it hardens.

Once it has hardened add some more chocolate to the unused melted chocolate and melt again. Don’t forget to add the colour.

And then add another layer of chocolate and spread again. ( This may need to be done 2/3 times, because you don’t want the chocolate to crack on removal.)

Once again put it into the fridge until it hardens.

Once you think that the chocolate is thick enough and it has hardened completely, you can start to remove the chocolate from the mould very gently…….

Very very gently!! (Try and remove the tricky corners first, as these will be the first to crack)

And Taa- Dah (I have grazed it slightly on one part, but really happy with it.)

We are not done yet guys, lets keep going, Turn your mould upside down and Put all your goodies in…. Fill it up…..

Use the cake board or tray and cover the mould and turn upside down so that all the goodies are encased inside mould.

Seal up the edges with some more melted chocolate…..and decorate how you wish, I did this:

And voila- what a beauty…

And then use your wooden hammer to……. oh…….Are we really going to break this now??

Oh yes. Naturally you would actually get the person you are gifting it to do this part- but we were too excited…… had to see if it worked right? HeHe.

And there you go, there it is. The Breakable Chocolate Heart Box…. ill need to make another one for the Hubby. I broke this one…. Off I go….

Love and Regards


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