How Lifes Changed Since Covid. 1st World Issues.


I don’t know about you but I feel like the Pandemic has turned our lives a bit doo- la- la. Almost like its gone back a few decades. I’m saying that but I haven’t even been around for that many decades, (well nearing 4 but that’s not many, right?) and I still feel this way.

Now obviously a Pandemic as big as Covid will have huge effects on us. Its obvious what the changes in our lives are. I don’t want to talk about the big issues, there’s so much of that all over the news and social media.

I want to talk about the smaller issues, the 1st world issues, because honestly that’s all they are. We are so use to having a easy life with things at our fingertips, and Covid has changed the minute of things, and these were the things we took for granted before.

So I’m just going to talk about one single day in my life- where all these 1st world issues popped up in one go.

You Ready?

Wardrobe full of clothes you can’t Wear

Going into work

Who else is finding wearing clothes- like proper clothes a chore? Life was easier and simpler when we were at home, hibernating in lounge wear.

Wardrobe full of clothes I can’t wear is definitely a issue at the moment, whether that be because of homeworking or you’ve put on a couple of lbs, or your so use to wearing lounge wear that everything else feels uncomfortable. How did we ever wear jeans before?

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The pandemic has seriously taken away my love for clothes and heels. Everything is about comfort wear and lounging. I don’t even know what’s trending at the moment and I don’t even want to go out anymore. Uber Eats and Netflix and chill are the new going out.

PCR and Lateral test should be added into Oxford Dictionary

I’m not sure if they are or not, but I’m sure I use these words more than anything else. All we seem to be talking about at the moment is: Have you done the Lateral?, Are you going for the PCR?

One cough or sneeze, our lives are put on hold.

If these two words are not in the dictionary. Add it in please. Its more important than LOL at the moment.


Why is it that every time you go grocery shopping, you have the urge to cough, or sneeze? or sometimes even a mixture of the two?

Like doesn’t it feel so illegal to cough? I feel guilty every time I cough in public, and I look around at everyone like I’ve been caught shoplifting. Do you do that too? And then because you coughed and you feel a little wheezy, you feel that you have to do a lateral test.

And if your coughing a little too much- then you feel you have to do a PCR?

And then your life is on hold for 24-48 hours whilst you isolate from your living buddies and the rest of the world whilst you wait for the results.

Booking everything in Advance- 1st World issues

The Hubby bought me a voucher for a spa day back last March 2021. I’m booked in for the earliest date of 5th May?! (although my voucher was only for 12 months, they don’t have any dates, so they allowing me to go past the expiration date) what the actual *Sheesh Kebab*. Covid might get me before then!

Does everything and everywhere seem to be more busier now a days? Are people going out more?

Booking anything or everything in at the moment seems like a chore, its complicated, its hard work. Booking things in last minute feels like I’m talking about a different lifetime.

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Cancellation Policies?!. Hear me out: I’ve booked my spa in on the 5th May, and I’ve been told there is no cancellation policy. If I don’t turn up on the day full payment will be taken. If I call before 2 weeks before I can reschedule, if its after £50 per person will be charged.

“Urm! (coughs) Covid guys? (covid?) What if I get Covid.?”

“If in the event you get Covid, You can send your partner and either try and sell the other ticket or get someone else to go on your behalf”

How do you prepare for that? Not only am I planning a spa day 5 months in advance but I also have to make sure I’m well, and if not get someone on standby so that I can cover my money back.

So what do I do? Start isolating from now till May?

Great British Weather

In the UK our biggest struggle is the weather. All our plans are weather dependent. There’s no such thing as last minute bookings, so how are we supposed to plan for something months in advance? especially if its outdoor?

Doctors/Dentist/Medical Appointment

In the past 2 and a half years I probably have not been to the Doctors as much, As it is we have to deal with the psychotic receptionist who think they own the surgery and have a official right over the doctors. Now we are dealing with virtual appointments? Yes! send a picture of your intimate area so we can see how badly the rash is infected! Seriously?

Isn’t that Illegal?

To Hug or Not too Hug?

This one is actually in my favour. I don’t do hugs! Ha ha! Something good did come out of Covid for me.

Okay. So isn’t it awkward? Do we shake hands, Don’t we?

Hug? Yes or no?

Fist bump? Am I allowed to pick up the baby or just stare at it from far? Can I come in? Do I have to wear a mask in your house? Or in your car? Oh and what about gloves too?

Too many questions, and no answers.

Next Day Delivery- Not arriving the Next day

Does next day delivery not exist anymore? I took up Amazon Prime for next day delivery- now I’m waiting 2 days?!

Asda can no longer delivery next day either- they can deliver in 2 weeks with a charge of £6. What the actual *Sheesh Kebabs* happened?

The Pandemic made everyone more Tech Savvy and Lazy at the same time, that means I’m at a loss, because I no longer benefit from the luxuries I once enjoyed.

Definitely created a lazy generation.

The Online shopping gave you their own brand baked beans rather than Heinz

So the Asda Delivery guy popped in. And everything is sold out, and so I get different version, and its not just beans, it can also be ketchup, toilet roll, fairy liquid, the whole lot. Urm, but did I ask for this? No! So why oh why?

It took 2 weeks to deliver and still they still managed to get it wrong?

I would love to go in- but I might ***cough!****

And so these are the trivial’s of my life at the moment, and this is just one day, and whilst reading it I probably sound like a spoilt brat. In reality we all have become a little spoilt, but that’s only because we were spoilt way before the Pandemic, and the Pandemic brought us back down to Earth to humble us a little.

Now ill be taking this with a pinch of salt, it is what it is!, and to be honest it’s not that bad I am grateful that these are the only issues we have and that we can have a little laugh and joke over it. We are the lucky ones, others have it far worse.

Can you think of anything other 1st world issues since Covid? If so do let me know, love to have a little giggle.

Love and regards


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