Homemade Hot Chocolate Bombs . Do It Yourself….


Lock down has really bought us a lot of treats. The first Lock Down we all went crazy with Banana Bread and Dalgona Coffee, and a slight little twist with the Rose Dalgona …. and this Lock down……

….Well its all about the Homemade Hot Chocolate Bombs, and with the cold weather ’tis sure is the season!

And its not any old Hot Chocolate we are talking about here, its these gorgeous round dainty surprise homemade hot chocolate bombs filled with treats like marshmallows, or nuts, or sprinkles, or…. or…. anything really…. go wild.

homemade hot chocolate bombs
Hot Chocolate Bomb

They can be store bought. In our little hub of a community we have loads of home bakers who make them. I have bought them a few times and I love them. But what I love more….. Making them myself.

….. and honestly guys, its not hard or messy, its quite fun actually. Do it with the kids over the Christmas break….

What You Need:

  • Silicone Half Circle Moulds (I bought mine from Amazon)
  • Milk Chocolate of your choice (Dairy milk all the way)
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Hot Chocolate Powder

And Yup that’s all folk’s. (If you want to experiment further, then add in your cookie crumble, fudge, or mint bites)

Homemade hot chocolate bombs
Hot Chocolate Bombs

…..Here is how to make your Homemade Hot chocolate Bombs….

  1. Melt the chocolate:
Melted Chocolate for Hot Chocolate Bomb

Break up the chocolate bar and put it in the microwave for 45 seconds. Mix it up and put it back in for a further 20 seconds.

Repeat this until the chocolate is fully melted. (Note: All microwaves are different so make sure you don’t over melt it- as it can turn dry and crumbly)

Silicone mould for Hot Chocolate Bomb

2. Scoop roughly a tablespoon and a half of the melted Chocolate into each mould. Using the back of the spoon cover the mould fully. (This may take a bit of time as the chocolate will want to run to the bottom, but just keep manoeuvring the chocolate and I promise it will get there) Pop it into the fridge for 10 minutes or more to harden up

Hot Chocolate Bomb: Milk Chocolate, Marshmallow, Hot Chocolate Powder

3. Once the chocolate is hard, slowly peel it out of the moulds…One side is used to fill up and the other will be a cover…..Add in a scoop of Hot Chocolate Powder and few marshmallow pieces in the cups. On the tops drizzle some chocolate and add sprinkles

4. With the remaining melted chocolate cover the edge of the filled cup. then put one half of the mould on top, and it should stick in place.

homemade hot chocolate bombs
Hot Chocolate Bomb in Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate

5. And Voila……. How beautiful are these? Pop them into your favourite mug and add hot milk over it and watch the magic! It is so beautiful, and it tastes great too.

homemade hot chocolate bombs
Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows
homemade hot chocolate bombs

I tried some in White Chocolate with Marshmallow and Raindrops inside…. I think we have a new favourite!! Going to try some with Aero Mint next I think….

homemade hot chocolate bombs
White Chocolate Bomb with Raindrops

Give it a go. Do it with the kids, experiment. Let me know what flavours you try out, and don’t forget to send me your pics…..

Love and Regards

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