Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia? Heres How…


The reality is , when you saw the pictures of the Hot air balloons in Cappadocia- you wanted to be there right? Of course you did! So did I.

As with Turkey in general, Cappadocia has a rich and diverse cultural history and what makes it more magical is to experience it from a hot air balloon.

You’ll see the magic of Cappadocia from the drive in from the airport, fairy chimneys, rivers, valleys, beautiful cliffs, it’s a fairy tale kingdom you can only imagine. But Cappadocia is real, and to see it in its fullest, the Hot Air balloon is an experience a little short from being in a different world entirely.

I’m constantly being asked, how I did it, what I did, where I stayed, and so here I am, to put it all down to paper and help you out a little.

To fly or not to fly…

Although balloons typically fly daily in Cappadocia, sometimes the weather can cause disruptions and you can end up with flight cancellations. In order to avoid this as much as you can I would suggest a trip to Cappadocia at least 3 days minimum- so that you have 2 extra days in the case of Cancellations.

I truly believe a trip to Cappadocia without a balloon ride, is not a trip at all.

(Please do note: because of strong winds most of the flight cancellations typically take place from December to March.)

Which Balloon?

With over 250 Balloons flying daily from Cappadocia you can only imagine the number of companies that have it on offer.

Hot air ballooning is THE most popular thing to do in Cappadocia, and its best to book it as early as possible because balloons fill up months in advance. (We met a family who were waiting daily on cancellations, to get a call for a balloon ride). Also, we had booked as soon as we knew we were going. Last minute balloon flights are far more expensive.

It’s cheaper to fly to Turkey.

I mean generally people think of Turkey as a cheap tourist place to visit- which I believe it is. But the Hot air balloons are not quite as cheap as everyone’s perception. With prices that start from £150- and can go to £300 per person, all dependent on how many people are in the basket and season.

Yes, it probably does cost more than your actual flight to Turkey. Keep that in mind before booking. You will not find cheaper, and trust me, every penny you spend is worth it. Its a surreal once in a lifetime experience.

Can anyone go on the hot air balloon

Height restrictions are in place because the baskets are quite high, children are generally not allowed, and rightly so, they wont be able to see over the edge. The edge is typically 140 cm high.

How many people in a basket

Depending on your budget really, we had 20 people in our basket, and paid £175 each, the basket is divided into smaller squares, and we had 5 people in our basket. I won’t lie, it was quite tight, and we were moving around a lot so that everyone could get a view on the outside and also pictures from the outside.

But you can go for baskets which have less people but naturally this would be more in cost.

How long is the ride?

The ride itself is an hour- but the whole process is longer. We were firstly taken for breakfast, then we were driven to our balloon, and we saw it whilst they were blowing it up- we all jumped in once ready. we were in flight mode for an hour.

Once landed they did a little ceremony with drinks and certificates.

The whole process starts at 4.30 am and we were back in our hotel by 7.30.

Other companies offer longer stays and obviously this comes at a price, so you can always contact them regarding this.

How high?

The highest they tend to fly is 800 metres so be prepared for this, especially if you are scared of heights (although how did you get on a plane and fly here?!) depending on which route and company you go with, you could end up in over cities or over the rock formations. See what routes the company offers and go with that. We decided on the rock formations. This got us a chance to also see the Insta vibes below.

Is it scary?

The thought of it is scary, the anticipation is scary, the scare stories people give you is scary. The Ride- was smoother than an aeroplane. You literally glide upwards, there is no swaying, there is no rocking, your just floating upwards.

Who to book with…

We used Voyager balloons for our booking, and they did not disappoint at all. For Voyager Balloons click here.

But here is a list of a few more companies should you want to book in.

Butterfly balloons are generally known to be more luxurious and have less people in a basket- if you were after this

Royal Balloons, Rainbow Balloons, Anatolian Balloons, Sultan Balloons

So, when are you booking in your next flight?

Love and Regards


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