Hilton The Walk. Staying at the Heart of JBR


On to our third location and this time we are at Hilton the Walk in Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). We went on recommendation of this one. I have never met a person who has stayed here and not liked it, and so now it was our turn.

And…. I loved it!

Sitting in the heart of JBR it is prime location. And it is the ‘Hilton,’ so we already know what to expect but appreciate sometimes standards differ in different countries.

Here they exceeded expectations.

Situated on the beach you can literally walk out of the pool and straight onto the white sands of the private beach, with sunbeds waiting to fold you in whilst you take in the clear blue/green waters of the sea.

Let’s talk ‘The Walk; (Hehe. You see what I did there?)

Why is it called the walk? Well, JBR is one long stretch of walk, roughly at 2km with shops, dining, cinema, water sports, restaurants, hotels, burger bars, juice bars, ice-cream bars and so much more. You could potentially stay here all day if you wanted to.

For more on what to do at JBR click here.


We literally ran, literally (I tell no joke) from our last destination and ended up at the Hilton walk probably 4 hours before checking in.

The room was not ready as had not been cleaned, but they kindly gave us access to the private lounge with food and drinks whilst we waited. They also gave us our towels cards should we want to start using the facilities straight away. This was highly appreciated.


Being with the fam-a-lam, I can no longer be in the same room with my boys (teenagers are icky) so we went for a 2 bedroom suite.

This time it actually was a suite. We had a lounging area, a separate fully functional kitchen, dining area, balcony, 2 bedrooms, one with an ensuite and 2 additional bathrooms! Boy was I glad a didn’t have to clean up this place.

The room was so functional we invited friends over to lounge with us as it had the space and privacy to do so.

The cleaners were so attentive to our needs, and accommodated with everything.

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Breakfast was inclusive, and it reminded me a little of being back at home. It was very ‘Holiday Inn’ type, maybe a bit more high end. but same. This was very different to the resort we stayed at Rixos- which offered continental breakfast which the hubby loved. Daar and Roti all the way!

But nevertheless, sometimes comfort is found in the familiar, and it definitely felt familiar here.

We only went for Bed and Breakfast as JBR itself has loads of restaurants and cafes available a short walk away and we wanted to explore and hit the insta worthy spots.. But if you did want to dine in, they have 5 restaurants within the hotel.


In all fairness there is so much to do in Dubai and JBR, that entertainment is a secondary. We were only staying 2 nights and we already had a bucket list ready. But mornings were spent in the Hotel.

With various small pools around the location, and the larger pool facing the beach it divided up guests and allowed everyone to choose whether they wanted to be in the hub hub or more private.

The lounge always a ‘big deal’ with me, was huge! Just the way I liked it. And my men fell in love with the huge screen with the backdrop of the beach with had the footie on!

My Honest Verdict

The best way to think up a verdict is in the question “Would I stay here again?” and the answer is “Yes”. We are central in JBR, so the shops, entertainment, restaurants are all at our doorstep and if we wanted privacy then just walk through the Hotel to the other end.

It ticked all the right boxes for me and the boys.

Have you been to the Hilton The Walk? How did you find your stay there?

Which other hotels would you recommend for my next stay?

Click here for more information on Hilton The Walk

Love and regards


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