Harry Potters Wand in the Muggle World as a Snooker Cue


Your asking yourself if you read the title right? you are aren’t you? And… yup you are. Im going to tell you a little story about my trip with the hubby to find a snooker cue. And the whole trip reminded me of the point in Harry Potter where he is looking for his wand in Olivanders Wand shop.

What is a Wand?

A wand is the object through which a witch or wizard channels his or her magic. It is made from wood and has a magical substance at its core. Wands made by Ollivander have cores of phoenix feather, unicorn hair or dragon heartstring, and are of varying woods, lengths, and flexibilities.

Harry Potter fans- you should know what im talking about!

Right ok so….The Hubby has a passion for Snooker, he plays for the league and generally since young that has been his favourite sport alongside Football. He needed a new Cue, because out of frustration he broke his last one. (*eye roll*). Yup, no snakes and magic involved in breaking his cue….just pure male ego and testosterone…… But who wouldve thought that finding a wand ….. uh (*cough),… cue could be so difficult.

We ended up at Dean Jones Cues in Birmingham. After doing abit of trouble shooting with the hubby, to find out what it was he was after (the conversation consisted of a series of numbers and words i’ve never heard of before in my life, They were speaking in muggle, not something im use to).

We were then taken into this room

A huge room with a Snooker table in the middle, and all around there are cues and cue cases. (abit like Olivanders Store- where their are wands all around)

I knew which one I wanted- the preetiest one obviously….. but things are not as simple as that in the real muggle world. The hubby went into a zone, and soon me and the kids dissapeared and all that was in the room was him, Olivander…. uh.. Dean sorry, and a room full of cues….

Dean picked up a cue, and handed it to the hubby, whilst handing it he said some mumbo jumbo which included ash, graining, 14.5, tip 9….seriously what language is this? Im sure they are talking in code, and then he pointed to the snooker table, where the hubby did his Magic….. and the sparks flew, not really. He hit a ball. Ok? No sparks, no flashing lights, no disasters…. But the ball didn’t go where it was sopposed to.

And that shot determined this wasnt the right one, and they went back to inspect more cues (are you visualising this? Do you understand now why it’s just feels like I’m In Olivanders shop?).

Next came….. another cue….this time it was ……made of maple, not Ash, something about Weight and something about graining, and 8.5 in cue tip (did you understand that? no? so didnt I!)

I just want the preety One!

Whilst talking to the hubby, Dean says ‘Every cue works differently to every person’, like in Harry Potter when Olivander says “The Wand chooses the Wizard Mr Potter” I could almost hear the eerie music in the background.

…. back to wands we know that each wand consists of a specific type of wood and this gives its core of magical substance. Each cue is also made of wood, whether that be ash or maple, and each one works differently to each player…

These wands are made of different types of wood and different detailing like cues

……Do you see what i see? Do you? I think that J K Rowling got her inspiration from a cue shop! (is that what you call them?) Trust me. It has to be this, just add spiders, make it gloomy and add the sparks, and the music…..we were in Olivanders shop! For Real peeps! They evan talk the same language. Im telling you, this is a wizard wand shop disguised as a cue shop. Its all code people. I know the real secret.

I evan spotted this iron dated back to god knows what year! It was a blast form the past for sure- or evan a blast from the wizarding world? evan Olivanders store had weird gadgets all around

……and now to end with the most bizzare thing I heard in the shop; evan beards are an issue? beards. ye… beards…. I overheard a conversation where he said bearded playes tend to go for grainy ones…. what? Would this apply to Hagrid then? and Dumbledore?…….Come on Beards dont make a difference do they? its a cue mate…. not a wand? or is it?

Love and Regards


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