Grand Camlica Mosque- Istanbul

Built in 2019- this is now the largest mosque in Istanbul. Named Grand Camlica Mosque Istanbul because it has been built on the Camlica Hill in Uskader. (The Asian side of Istanbul)

This quite possibly has to be my favourite mosque in Istanbul to date. And that’s not just because of its beauty. Even though its beauty can be non-comparable. But rather what it stands for, who built it, and why it was built.

The Grand Camlica Mosque- Istanbul is Built and visioned by Bahar Mızrak and Hayriye Gül Totu- 2 female architects. The mosque cost a grand total of £66 milion.

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The mosque is the largest in Istanbul and can hold 63,000 people inside and outside. It also has a museum, art gallery, library, conference hall, and a underground parking for 3000 plus vehicles.

Commisioned by President Erdogan who believes that

When a Horse dies it leaves behind its saddle, when a man dies he leaves behind its works. We will be remembered for this

President Erdogan

The Camlica mosque is his prize possesion and his mark in Istanbul Turkey.

The Vision behind the Mosque

Both Bahar Mizrak and Hariye Gul Totu planned for this mosque to be a female friend mosque advocating ‘Positive discrimination for women’. The mosque will have a separate place for women to perform ablutions and a separate elevator. Childcare provisions with childcare room will also be available.

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They did this because mosques are generally considered to be ‘male spaces’ and just a little corner is provided for females. This will hopefully make a change in the status quo going forward. A huge progress for women in Turkey.

As well as females these 2 superwomen have also taken the disabled into account, where ramps will be provided, and ablution facilities and separate area for prayers should they require it.

The main purpose for this mosque- as well as being a ‘postcard’ for Erdogan is that it will create the possibility for more women to go to the mosque.

Since 2019 the Camlica mosque has had 25Million people visit it, showing that it is indeed a growing hotspot in Istanbul, and considered a symbol of the city.

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Have you been to the Grand Camlica Mosque Istanbul?

What is your favourite Mosque in Istanbul? Or round the World?

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