Friends Fest Review- Could I BE More Excited?

Oh MY God! Can you hear my excitement? The Friends Fest is coming to London (Baby!!)

Afsha really didn’t need to ask me twice when it came to this- one short phone call and 60 seconds later we were booked in to the Friends Fest- and the countdown began (just over a year to get through, its not too bad!).

There probably is only one more person who is just as much as a friends fan as me (just slightly mind you) and that’s the Boi. I did contemplate whether to take him or not- but this was a case of ‘he will never forgive me’ so booking him in wasn’t a choice. (I seriously did not feel this guilty when I went Disneyland without him!)

We booked the tickets for the Friends Fest at London Clapham Common. The actual festival doors are open between 10am-8pm, but we had a given time for the visit inside the actual room setups.

Our set time was at 5.15- and we arrived at the Friends Fest bang on at 5. At the point of arrival, just before you enter the gates- the friends tune can be heard in the background!! EEEEEEEEKkkkkk! Could I be more excited?!!

On entrance we panicked because we looked all around- so many people- so many crowds- so many queues. Oh No! We need more time! Why oh why did we stop to have lunch?! Friends Fest is so much more important than food!!

We got to see genuine props from the actual show which were fixed inside cabinets,

Monica and Chandlers wedding invitation
Chandler’s vows to Monica
Joey’s speech on wedding day.

and now for the Sets

First one up.

The Boys Apartment

I have no words to express my reaction to this- all I can tell you is that my heart at this moment is still palpitating knowing that I have been there.

It was like being transported into the television. All that was needed was for the boys to come out of their bedroom and jump onto the Barcaloungers. They didn’t come out- but we jumped on!

Then we had a game of Foosball- and I showed my little boi how it feels to loose to a girl ((quoted by Monica) ***Big Wink***) .

Usually the etch-a -sketch on the doorway can be used to write messages. But that wasn’t allowed this time. I’m assuming it’s due to Covid.

Right ok. Regarding the photos.

Although we can take photos ourselves- Photo Points are placed around the set and the photos are actually taken by the staff.

We are given a unique QR code- which sends the photos directly to our phone. Its an ideal solution, and worked so well…… (if WE liked the photo). The only downfall is- when the queues were long- it felt a little rushed.

The Famous Hallway

Moving on- we got to walk past the Famous Hallway- unfortunately they didn’t allow us to take a photo here (I’m not quite sure why?) but I just took a quick photo of the area.

And then we moved on to the apartment of Dreams:

Monica’s Apartment

We sat and had a little natter in the kitchen, and then moved on to the couches.

The attention to detail here… all the way down to the famous trifle blew me away. I could Live here! I wouldn’t even change the purple walls.

Ross Apartment

Up next was Ross apartment. where we had a ‘My eyes, My eyes’ Moment and sat on his couch too. I know I have said this a few times- but ill say it again ‘Could I BE more excited!’

And that was the Set Tour complete. All in all we probably spent 20 minutes here (YES! I know so short!).

Everything felt so rushed, we were being pushed along quite fast and it was awkward taking pics while others were gawking us (not that we stopped gawking at others *rolls eyes*)

And then we headed back outside again

Central Perk

Oh. My. God. My lifelong dream. Today it happened.

I went to Central Perk.

I sat on the bar stools.

I went behind the bar, and the best part…..

I Sat on the Orange Couch!! Beat that guys!! I can now happily say that I fulfilled my life long dreams on this day!


Outside their are more opportunity to take pictures.

Of course we were not going to miss this. And so headed back in the queues. and we got these famous moments:

What else?

There is so much going on. From open air shows being played to food vendors: “Phoebes Buffay’ (Get it?! Get it? OK you get it! *rolls eyes*). Joeys Pizza and the famous cheesecake, and not to forget the souvenir shop.

I did buy a set of fridge magnets, and the kiddo bought a keyring, but the store itself was quite pricey- (you can usually pick up friends merch from B&M stores at a fraction of the price)

So all in all- what did I think of the event- Seriously? Your still asking after everything you read up there?

It was one of the BEST experiences in my life, and if you are a friends fan- this is one not to missed at all. A piece of advice I would give to you guys though- stay till the end- in the last hour we managed to re-visit majority of the photo points and take more pictures: like this one where I ended up with a cramp straight after…..

Any regrets? None whatsoever.

But we also got back into the sets (after a lot of sweet talking!) and we had the privilege of walking around the sets with minimal people and also managed a few more pictures.

Are you a friends fan? Make sure you book yourself in! It’s an event not to be missed. Have you been to the friends fest? how did you find it?

Love and regards


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