Firuz Kebap House- Istanbul. Our Favourite Pit Stop


You know when you go on holiday, and that one food spot stands out more than any other? Yep you know exactly what I’m talking about. Don’t you?

For us it was Firuz Kebap house.

It helped that it was right outside the Hagia Sophia and The Blue Mosque and round the corner from our hotel, but also it was so freaking delicious, that this will definitely be our safe spot.

The Interior

It’s a small shop, with a few seating downstairs but also has some seats available upstairs too.

What I loved the most about Firuz Kebap house is the interior, the seating was sit on the floor arab seating. After our long fasting days, we took our shoes off and the sit down with delicious food was the icing on the cake, maybe even the cherry on top.

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Seating with table and chairs are also available.

The food is fresh and clean and you can see it being prepared. They also have a lady sitting at the front of the shop just delivering hot and fresh roti’s. My hubby thought he had just popped into heaven.

What did we have?

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We started off with meze’s with some warm bread. The meze were generous in amount, we got a combination of hot and cold mezes.

And for mains we went for Chicken Wings, Adana kebab, Chicken Tikka, and Lamb Kofte, this comes with rice , topped with grilled tomatoes and green chillies

Such big portions and it was devoured. Each last bit

I had to give Firuz Kebap House a blog post of its own because it truly was our saviour spot. We ate here on 2 occasions and both times we could not fault it. And we will be going back for more.

Its a place to be ticked off and visited if you are after traditional Turkish food. Put it on your bucket list and thank me later.

Please note Alcohol is not served in the premises.

What are your favourite food spots in Istanbul?

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Love and regards


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2 Responses

  1. Not sure whether you went to the right place. Just visited and charge 2200 turkish lira for 3 people?! Wouldn’t recommend.

    1. No. No. Nope. Not at all. The meal we had- I paid by card and was charged £32 . And theirs 4 of us. It’s that huge plate plus the mezes, drinks and Turkish tea after.

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