First Time Flying Business Class onboard Etihad Airways

business class onboard Etihad Airways

EEEEEEEEK! It happened. We flew Business Class onboard Etihad Airways.

How did that happen? Well let me tell you. It was the Boi’s birthday whilst we were in Dubai and his Dad asked him What did he want.

He asked for return flight to be business Class, I mean we all know now who he has gone after. Experiences over gifts! Stop guessing! He has gone after me OK! (seriously? *rolls eye*)

And so the Hubby, who has an absolute soft spot for this kiddo, booked us all in for return business class seats! Happy Birthday Boi, Happy Birthday to us ALL.

Best Gift EVER.

(Note to Self: Must remember to book next holiday on his birthday again!)

The Airport

The magic starts just when we get to the airport- they have a whole different entrance for business class. Yes! Like what the actual? Yes. But oooooh! did it feel good to be walking through there.

We had an just over an hour left for our flight and so (obviously) decided to make full use of the lounge. I mean a business class lounge over duty free shopping any day! and maybe the hubby had already spent enough on us. Don’t take the *Sheesh kebabs*!

The Lounge at Business Class onboard Etihad Airways.

And so the Lounge, have a look.

Absolute bliss! I understand why people pay for this (pocket permitted). It’s so nice calm and tranquil, exactly what you need before a flight. There’s no one rushing, no crowds, no loud tannoy’s, it just keeps all your flying anxiety at bay.

Food and drink is available throughout. Help yourself.

I absolutely hate using the toilets in the flight, so I avoided the food as much as I could, but the men in my life could smell the meat biryani and caved.

The lounge is huge and split into various areas, dining areas, lounging areas, snoozing areas, private cubicles, I mean not only were we away from the public mayhem of the airport we had the extra facility of cooping away even further.

Seriously. I could get use to this life.

The beauty of Business Class- no queuing, I admit I took a little delight in walking past the hoards of people while we went up to the front and walked through to the plane, whilst everyone stared. I am allowed Dudettes. Its usually me on that end looking at them. Let me take this in! I gulped it in. obviously praying that I don’t trip and fall on the way. That would only happen to me.

Onboard Etihad Airways

I tried to keep it cool, I really did. But nope. I gave a little scream when I saw my seat, and turned that into a cough or sneeze, and then remembered Covid and stopped and looked around! *Sheesh Kebabs. Take a hold of yourself woman!

How roomy it is, I swear I stretched my legs in front of me a few hundred time whilst pinching myself. Was I really in a plane?

Once settled, the flight had not even started and we were asked to select our pre-flight drink (and I thought this was all covered in the lounge) I opted for a orange juice which came in a glass cup (I mean how exciting!) and they also left a bowl of peanuts.

I used this time to just get engrossed in the little treat we get whilst being in Business class. Sitting awaiting us was a Acqua de Parma toiletry bag filled with goodies. Could I be more excited? Filled with a mask, sanitiser, toothbrush and toothpaste, hand cream, a pair of socks (yes! that’s right!) and eau de toilette. Honestly sometimes the little things add up to make it all the better. I’ve never been so excited to receive a pair of socks. (It is what it is peeps!)

After nosing myself through the freebies, I had to play around with the gadgets all around me, after stretching the legs again a few times and marvelling at it, the fingers got itchy to venture round.

The Gadgets

The first thing I had a look at is the finger touch control panel which let me adjust my seat to any set of specifications, with a set feature for takeoff and landing upright, and then adjustable to our own requirements to all the way down to bed mode. Oh and not to forget the added massage feature! Yes! a Massage Feature! I said it!


From the foot well which allowed us to keep our valuables in front of us which was such a breath of fresh air, to a side table which opens to put handbags and shades and phones into. I mean this was the flights of all flights for me.

The Meal

 In Business Class, meals are ordered from a menu, and it goes on, and on and on!

And what makes it even more special is when you are presented with your meal they set it up with a table cloth, salt and pepper shakers, and silver cutlery, I mean how bougie!

With friends on repeat, my current read and a fresh pair of freebie socks, this flight was probably the only flight which i wished would slow down a little.

The end of all endings.

Have you been on Business class? How was your experience?

Love and regards


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