Feya Cafe London- Quite possibly the Prettiest Cafe in London

For Our 19th Anniversary the hubby dearest decided to take me to London. I think I am quite predictable like that, if you want to please me ….. London it is…. or buy me a Cup….No seriously I mean that….I love Cups….. either will do….or both?! See I’m really not that hard to please…..

One place I love in the world is London…… London Baby!!! One place in the World my hubby detest’s is London!…… not so London Baby……. so I was well pleased, and chuffed and surprised that HE decided we go to London. Seriously guys not my idea at all! At ALL!…. Why are you looking at me like that?…..(*rolls eyes*)

feya cafe london

…..And so along with a glorious weekend spent together we ended up here and this deserves a blog post of its own…. I am sure most of you are familiar with this place….. it is Feya Cafe

feya cafe london

It truly is a hidden gem, from the outside it seems really small, but inside its a lot more bigger that what you imagine,

feya cafe london

What I loved the most is every wall had some sort of feature- not a wall was spared, and oh so pretty, so so pretty…. did I mention how pretty it is?

On entrance the Feya Cafe captivates you, there are different sections and different looks and different instagrammable points…. Feya Cafe is the ‘Instagrammable’ cafe of London

We took a seat inside this little alcove, with it greenery and cage like features as though we were Doves inside a cage…. But we were both wearing black… ( Must remember to coordinate clothes next time) So pictures of ourselves were off limits…..

Feya Cafe has Instagrammable points dotted across the cafe, whether that be under the lighting, the peacock swing, or this super cool retro corner.

feya cafe london

The staff were attentive to our needs, we ended up here at breakfast time, and so in need of Karak Chaii……

Now we all know food has to look tasty right?. But here not only did it look tasty it is so damn pretty as well, did they not leave anything out?

feya cafe london

……have a look at the tea cups!! OMG I am so in Love….. I want some!

We went for 2 Karak Chaii’s, and the happiness pancake, and tell me how and where do I even start to pick on this beauty? They even cut the bananas into flowers. How cute!

and I promise you, its not just a pretty picture, we devoured every bite full…

From the cushioned velvet seats to the pastel decor to the beautiful greenery and the pretty food, I could not fault my time spent here. If your in London, make sure Feya Cafe is in your to-do list. It’s not to be missed for sure…

Feya Cafe linked here

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