Eyup Sultan Mosque Istanbul.


Quite possibly the most Important mosque in Istanbul, Yes I know what your thinking what about the Blue Mosque? The Hagia Sophia.

They are important too, but this one holds a history of its own.


Eyup Sultan mosque Istanbul is named after Abu Ayub Al- Ansari who was a friend of the Prophet Muhammed SAW. He died in the first siege of Constantinople in 678.

The whole neighbourhood has actually been named after him, and it probably is my most favourite neighbourhood without a shade of a doubt.

There is a sense of calmness in this neighbourhood you wont find anywhere else

Abu Ayub grave was lost and in 1453 Sultan Mehmet found it.

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He had a dream of the where about’s of the grave, and he went with a few of his soldiers and started digging. They found the tomb clearly with the name written on it.

The tomb was erected and given the respect it needed ( I did not take a photo of it, due to respect. I know they allow it, but I just find it uncomfortable). Sultan Mehmet built the mosque around it, and this is now one of the most visited mosques in Istanbul to pray in as well as visit the grave.

The mosque is stunning- calm and beautiful on the inside and out. The courtyard features ablution area and fountains. Extremely tall in height, its breathtaking, numerous tainted windows allowing the light in, and the dropping chandeliers, all adding to the magic of the place.

And one thing I really need to add is- the mosque has underfloor heating! absolute heaven!!

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Location Location

As mentioned this happens to be my favourite neighbourhood in Istanbul, its peaceful, its calm, and their is a calmness in the air. I promise you you will feel it.

The Eyup Sultan area has a lot of culture, the people here are different, mainly people who live in the area, so you will find a lot of culture here. Shopping wise its a lot cheaper in this area too, and you will find more traditional clothing here as opposed to the usual tourist type clothes you find elsewhere.

The cable cars are a must visit here, and if your in Eyup Sultan you might as well use this. You can use the metro card for the cable cars- as this is actually a public facility for the local’s to get up and down the hill. Each way is 70p a person.

The cable cars will take you up to a hill, where you will find a cute cafe called ‘Pierre Loti’. The view from here is breathtaking.

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To get back down you can use the cable cars or take the scenic route down on a paved path lined with loads of shops. Decision is yours.

Have you been to Eyup Sultan Mosque Istanbul? Have you been to the area? How did you find it?

Love and regards


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