“OH I Just cant wait to be King”


Aint it funny how you have a weekend off and it decides to chuck it down with rain? As we binge watched Harvey Specter (Suits, Netflix) , it came to a point where i needed to get out. I had no intention of spending my weekend off glaring at the TV.

So we decided to go to the cinemas (what else can you possibly do in this weather?) and glare at an evan bigger screen. ( i didnt once say i was clever).

“The Lion King” produced by Walt Disney was the only option credible to me. Isnt this the most talked about Film this year? with reviews from the critics praising its “beautiful effects”, “Gorgeous Score” and “Starry Voice Cast” (Independent, 10 July 2019), and having shows on every half hour it must be good right? And a further bonus is the Odeon cinema now has its new fully reclining seats, so i was super excited to experience that.

The first Lion King was released in 1994 (Just 25 years ago. Shock. Shock.Horror.Horror. I just realised im old.) and my emotions are still intact, i was ready for the emotional rollercoaster to take me away. Although i pretended i was going for my two children, i noticed that the cinema was full of more excited adults than kids, like me wanting the nostalgia of the 10 year old child in me to resurface.

So how was it? Apart from the occasional snore and startled jump by the hubby dearest, who clearly enjoyed the seats more than the movie. It was…. Okay. Im not sure whether im allowed to say that aloud being a big ‘Lion King’ fan. But really…. it was just….okay.

I havent seen the animated version in years, but i do know that it evoked a lot more emotions in me, and for much longer. Watching this i just couldnt see the emotions in the faces of the lions, it felt really off. I knew exactly when the emotional parts were coming, i was anticipating it, i wanted to embrace it…. yet i felt i was forcing myself to have stronger feelings then i actually felt.

and since we talking about this; Was Simba always this spoilt and selfish?, Shouldnt Nala have done more? ‘Hakuna Matata’- Really?

So the question is: Am i over The Lion King? ‘No’. Would i watch this again? ‘No’, but i definately am going to revisit the 1994 animated version to see if it still evokes the same emotions i had as a child, or is it that i have just ‘Grown up’.


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