Eis Cafe birmingham- Coffee Stop whilst shopping

Enough of London? Lets go to Birmingham then? The wedding was coming up- Lil bro’s wedding and Mama Bear needed a dress. I mean we can get dresses in Leicester- but if your going to ask me to take you- well that means we have to make a day of it. If we are making a day of it- we are definitely getting out of Leicester…….And so we did.

Bundled up in the car- me the driver (obviously) with Afwana, Afsha and our 2 Mamabears we set off- but can’t shop on an empty stomach can we?

Of course not!

Much to the 2 Mamas bear amusement who assumed that shopping meant ‘Only shopping’ – we stopped for a spot of brunch, at Eis Cafe Birmingham. The Mamabears are not on Instagram, nor do they know what we get up to, and Thank God for that! because we got a earful and the day has not even started yet!

And where did we go? To Eis Cafe Birmingham.

Ok Guys this needs to be said right now! From the outside its awful. My face dropped when I saw it. I was giving Afsha daggers! She chose this place! ……. We are not going here! so awful I’m not putting a pic up! Go see it for yourself (here’s a pic from google). Was this really the same place Afsha saw on Instagram?

We double checked. Yup! it was! Damn it! Right need to find somewhere else.

But we had a problem. The 2 Mamabears who were not impressed with us, who just wanted to buy an outfit were not happy to get back in the car…..how would we…….? how could we?

And so we went inside.

Never Judge a Book by its Cover

Lesson Learnt. Have a Look for yourselves,

The attention to detail overwhelmed us. From the shabby chic seating, to the industrial unfinished vibes. They got everything spot on. The unfinished finished look was just imperfectly perfect.

Our eyes were transported from one detail to the other, taking it all in, wheels on the tables, to the unfinished walls, the witty quotes. All the way down to the old style cash register! Yes we had entered a warped time zone.

And now that our eyes were impressed- time to move on to the bellies. How would this play out?

What we Ordered

Nutella and Pretzel Locoshake. Its a ferrero rocher milkshake, where sides are covered with nutella and pretzel stuck on ( I bought it purely for the pretzel! make’s such a pretty picture). All topped with whipped cream, biscoff crumbs and more pretzels.

Taste of Marrakech- Toasted foccaccia topped with grilled chicken in smoky spices, roasted red peppers, chickpeas, garlic, basil, pomegranate, Morrocan sauce and crumbled feta cheese, On the side we got steak flavoured potato crisps.

Kunafe- topped with clotted cream, pistachios, rose petals and syrup and pistachio sauce, also a scoop of icecream on the side.

Smores Pizookie- which is a baked cookie dough topped with roasted marshmallows, chocolate sauce, crackers and topped with chocolate icecream.

And what did the mama bears have? 2 Chai Lattes (they are really missing out in the world. Although the cups are really pretty!)

How was it?

I heard you Im coming to it! Chill out (*rolls eyes*). I cant tell you what I liked better because I loved it all. Everything that I ate- just got better and better. I have no faults to say at all.

The Kunafe was delicate and creamy, the Pizookie was moreish, The Taste of Marrakech- just the perfect savoury after all the sweet food, the combination of the ingredients were satisfying to the taste buds.

I am so grateful for the Mamabears who put up a strop and made us go in here. It’s all because of YOU! (Im saying it in capital letters because they wont be reading it. Im just feeling a little brave *wink wink*) we found this gem. I’m definitely hurrying back here to go through the remainder of the menu.

The Mamabears were impressed too- though they will never admit it.

….and now back to the shopping…. where we ended up getting outfits we didn’t need but the Mamabear’s went home empty handed. Seriously these women! Cant live with them, cant live without them…

Another trip maybe?

And obviously we couldn’t go home without Dinner and ended up at Ines- read about it here. Or more of my Birmingham adventures just here

Have you been to Eis cafe birmingham? What did you have and how did you find it?

For more info on Eis Cafe- you’ll find them here

Love and regards


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