Eden Hall Day Spa with Afternoon Tea.


You guys know I Love Tea right? And Afternoon Tea in particular? I also love Spas (that’s silly, who doesn’t love spas?). So when I saw the Cream Tea Spa day at Eden Hall Day Spa….

Well it would be rude of me not to book it in.

Based only 30 minute drive away, me and my little bundle of joy Sabina jumped into the car and made our way to Eden Hall Day Spa for a day of total detox.

Whats included in the Eden Hall Day Spa?

Its basically a full day to use Edens Halls facilities, which include the Vitality Pools, Outdoor Hot Tubs and the various Thermal Rooms.

You also get access to the gym, the relaxation rooms, and any additional classes that are running on the day.

Included also is Lunch as are the use of robe’s and towels and lets not forget a traditional Afternoon Tea with scones served in the Conservatory.

The Spa facilities at Eden Hall can be used from 9am to 8pm.

Knowing that we had the whole day to indulge, we left home just after 10.

On arrival we were overwhelmed by the size of the place, it is Huge and Beautiful and Grand.

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On entrance we were greeted by a lovely lady who took us around the venue.

She Explained everything in great detail including when the building was built who lived in it and what each room was used for. (All of which went in one ear and out of the other) But the one thing that did remain is- that this was once a family home!

I will say it again, one family lived in this entire place! Have you seen how big it is?

Lunch was booked in for 12.20. Since it was nearly 11, we requested to have lunch first before we went into the spa. They kindly said they would arrange it.

Changing Facilities at Eden Hall Day Spa

The changing rooms are so spacious. You could get lost just in here (Did I mention a family lived here?). There’s a large area for changing, and separate room for grooming, which have mirrors and hairdryers.

There’s an immense number of shower’s and the shower’s all have shampoos, conditioners and shower gels.

After having changed we made our way to the cosy dining room for Lunch. Small rooms all set up with tables and chairs composed the Dining Area(you could actually tell at this point that it was a lived in house) and we were set up in the actual living room.

3 Course Lunch at Eden Hall Day Spa

Lunch consisted of a selection of salads for starters, from the Veg option we went for the Grilled Halloumi with rocket and watercress salad, roasted tomato, red onion and a sweet chilli dressing. And for dessert I went for the Lemon Posset with shortbread biscuit which was divine.

After Lunch we made our way back down through the pretty corridors to the spa, and now time to relax.

Eden Hall Day Spa- The Spa

On entrance to the Spa we were given a list of what to expect at the spa, (that’s above) and as you can see it truly is a unique experience. Anything that had the word’s cool and cold were avoided. I don’t do Cold.

My favourite had to be The Heat, Tropical and Cool Mist Experience– Ok!? I did say I avoided anything with cool and cold in it, and I did, but here I went in by mistake, had cool water poured on me, screamed and ran out!

After that, I avoided it like the plague! (I don’t do cold at all. Ever! and Storm Ciara is screaming outside so I’m trying to focus all my energy into you guys!)

The Heat and Tropical mist, was amazing, its a walk in shower like feature. You walk through these panels and when it sense’s your movement the showers open up, and the light’s really put you into a different zone. I could have sat here all day, but it wasn’t a sitting feature unfortunately.

But the sitting feature which we loved was The Foot and Shoulder Massage Seat. That truly made our day. We spent most of our time here. Its not one to be missed.

From the rooms experience, although all of them were great, my favourite has to be The Salt Room, probably because out of all the rooms it was the warmest, but also because of the brittle air you can almost feel the dirt and toxins etching away from your skin.

After having used the rooms to the fullest, we decided to catch a bit of an afternoon nap, and the Eden Hall Day Spa Slumber Lounge is the perfect spot for this. A room full of slumber beds, some single, some doubles and the best part, this:

The Hanging Pods, How cool are they? just the right amount of space for two people (I need one at home!!!).

Baskets are placed at every corner with blankets to get all cosy and snuggled up. Sabina and I are quite use to snuggling up (shes going to kill me for this!) because she somehow always ends up getting us a double bed on our travels (I’m Sorry. *So NOT Sorry*). So we jumped in.

But Sabina is also a giggler and soon after a few people coughed. We knew we had to run out from there.

On arrival we had booked ourselves in for a Meditation class.

The 3 seconds we didn’t laugh.

The meditation class ended up being a laughing class (I don’t even know what we were laughing about honestly) but we all walked out holding our sides because of stitches , that included our instructor, who ended up with more giggles than us.

Thanking her though. I really thought we were going to be kicked out. (I felt like a naughty teenager!). But we started something in that class. I’m really sure Eden Hall Day Spa will be looking at laughing classes to add to there list of classes soon.

Before we retired to our Afternoon tea, we headed straight to The Outdoor Jacuzzi’s and they were amazing. The heat of the water so warm you don’t even realise you are outside. We stayed in there until we were crinkly.

Afternoon Tea and the Extras

Now when you think of a spa- you always think of all the rooms, the treatments and the pool, but the one thing that made this spa experience different was the extra’s.

After having used the facilities to our upmost we decided to head to the Conservatory for our Afternoon Tea. This is part of the New Eden Hall, and the set up is beautiful.

They have comfortable sofas that swallow your body right in, there are magazines available to read, blankets ready and waiting to cover you and also HOT WATER BOTTLES!!! That the WINNER for me!!!.

We were given our Tea and Scones and just unwound even more than in the Spa. I should really really live here!

My Verdict

Leaving the place, I had to look back at this beauty one last time, it was such an amazing and relaxing day. It was sad to be leaving. I would love to stay here (Forever).

It has to be one of the best spas I have been to, and I really do think other spas will struggle to try and compete with this. A day full of pure relaxation, it would make a perfect valentine, mothers day, birthday gift for anyone.

Or like Me, Just treat Yourself. Everyone deserves that.

We took the Eden Hall Day spa with Afternoon Tea which was on offer for £75 per person. I’m sure this offer is not available at the moment, but do keep checking for offers.

Hope you enjoyed our day with us.

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Love and Regards


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