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The wedding came up too damn quickly and now I have a problem. “Do I have to wear a dress?”

I know a few of you are probably thinking “wear what you want,” but really I can’t! it’s a cultural thing. OH! my Mamabear would divorce me if she saw me coming in to my brothers wedding in a jumpsuit or joggers.

And so I went through this dilemma where I had to buy the dreaded thing…… a Dress.

But seriously Do I have to wear a dress?

I’ve never really been much of a dress -wearer (apart from the days I have to attend a function (in most cases I just send the hubby and kiddo). Or on Eid Day. So I have a few that I save for years and years and re-wear as and when I have to.

Covid had been a blessing- no wedding invites and so no dresses. But then the Brother decides he wants to get married (Seriously Kiddo? like couldn’t you have done it in Covid between 6 people!?).

And after scrolling through the internet (because Covid has made us so lazy, I love shopping in the comfort of my couch!) and looking for outfits for the brother’s wedding- I’m a changed woman! Dresses for Life Mate! (Ok not for life, just once in a while- but you get me right?)

Although I love clothes, and fashion. Age has been a good turning point in my life to not hoard and buy any more than I should, especially because I’d rather go out and have a nice expensive cup of tea somewhere instead (I wrote this on purpose- lets see if the hubby really does read my posts! Hes meant to be my biggest fan you know! )

SO literally I behaved (although I didn’t have a choice as seriously I struggled finding something)

So What did I Wear?

You know Plain Jane? Well she’s my sister. I’m Janice (not from friends) Plain Jane’s younger (I wish) even plainer sister. I appreciate its my brothers wedding- but seriously guys- the sequins, the razzle dazzle, the bright colours. It looks better on other people. You got me in a dress its enough!

and I found my Gem. or Gems, and some not so gems along the way too- which I will not be sharing or wearing ever again.

Sana Zinga

I found a little treasure while scrolling through Instagram. A Little treasure called ‘Sana Zinga’ and I fell in Love. I’m not really a fan of traditional outfits….. no I tell a lie, traditional outfits are gorgeous, just not on me.

With my petite frame I also can’t do dresses that are heavier than me. And the shimmer and the shine- we will leave that to the shoes and eyelids only please.

And ‘Sana Zinga’ offered me all of that. I fell in love with this number- it has a touch of traditional being a dress and trouser outfit- yet it has ‘me’ written all over in with the odd cut work and belt, and I do love the trousers! rather than ‘bling’ it offered different textures of material. I was sold. This has my name all over it plus more.


I’ve ordered a few bits and pieces off her previously but when I saw this piece- I Knew I had to Have it. I may not like the glitz and glamour but one thing I have a love for is ‘Tassels’. And this dress has a Tassel like effect to it just on the edges. Another twist to the traditional Indian outfits.

It also has a little belt to cinch the waist in, which made it just perfect. It had to be bagged.


Who’s loving Asos at the moment? ME Me Me! and if your a modest dresser you should too. I’m loving all the modest dresses and the models with hijab on, on the website.

Asos you officially have my heart and my wallet too.

I picked up this number from Asos whilst they had 20% off- so this outfit came at £40! bargain!!! long sleeves- long neckline, straight drop dress. (It has a slit at the back- but that’s needed for walking) What more could a person ask for!

A Total winner this one is- I’m actually considering getting this in the other colour’s.

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Opu Jewels

But what good is an outfit without Jewels? And that’s where Opu Jewels come in. This small business is my ‘go to’ to finish off all my outfits. Gold plated with unique handmade stones. She answers all of my wedding outfit troubles. Each piece is unique being custom made.

Whether your after something chunky or dainty- she has a wide variety to suit your needs.

And there you have it. That’s the wedding done. Well not really their were others- but you won’t be seeing me wearing them ever again. And ill now be leaving the dresses aside until Eid. (Hope that don’t come round too quickly.)

Love and regards


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