DIY Your Own Waffle Bar. Tips and Ideas

Birthday Party? Bridal Shower? Baby Shower? or Just because? …… Throw a party and add the extra touch with a little Waffle Bar.

The great thing about a Waffle Bar, Shall I tell you

Its a Two in one, use it as a starter and as a dessert or even both…. Let your guests choose when and how they want it.

I find ‘Bar’ ideas so much more easier, It also is an interactive way to entertain your guests as you end up spending less time faffing around after them.

I want to throw a party. What better excuse? Lets create a Waffle Bar and here it is, and ill tell you how quick, easy and simple it is too! (because I like to cheat!)

waffle bar

1. Waffles

Obviously- no.1 would be waffles, what’s a waffle bar without waffles?

Now I know we can make them (*rolls eyes*) but…. we can also buy them right? and if I can buy them…. well then I will. I tried a few out, before the date of the party and the ones from Lidl definitely were the best- they are soft and spongy- just how I like my waffles.

2. Sauces

Ok so once again- you can make them….. but you can buy them too. (I am such a cheat!) so bought them I did.

I chose a chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup and maple syrup….. but the choices available are endless. Heres a few more ideas for you:

  • Caramel Syrup
  • Honey
  • Nutella
  • Lotus Spread
  • Apple Cinnamon Syrup (this sounds lush!)
  • Lemon Syrup…. plus so much more. Be creative.
waffle bar

3. Toppings

The best bit! My favourite part, and your favourite part too, and once again….. Just buy it for Gods Sake!

Our theme was a baby shower- so I bought some pink and blue sprinkles, just so it goes with the whole look. I also added some raindrops- because i love them and they are so colourful.

Mini marshmallows are always a must! and then a cut up some fruit- strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Once again the toppings are endless, their is so much more we can add, but I just stuck to the favourites, (My favourites. HeHe)

Savoury items are also an option- I didn’t use it for my party, but its something I may do on the next one. (brains already ticking!)

4. Dress it Up

My favourite part, Dress it up. I used a large dish to lay the waffles on.

I used crates to give a little rustic look and put sauces inside and around the crates. I used little dishes to add toppings and put it at different places around the area. The more colourful the toppings, the better.

Are you ready to create a waffle bar for your next party? Of course you are.

Its Easy Peasy. Dont forget to share your pictures.

Enjoy this? Have a look at how I created my pancakes and pyjamas party just here.

Love and Regards


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