Crush Doughnuts- Lisboa


The evening was ours, the wedding event was over and we were feeling a little like getting out.

But where to, A little hunt on Instagram pointed out this place:

The best doughnuts in Lisbon. We had to find out

Crush Doughnuts

A 20 minutes Uber drive away- We jumped in.

The verdict

Best decision ever. So good I had to do a blog post of its own.

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Theses doughnuts were  sculpted like works of art. How could we even break into them.

Please be aware that not all the doughnuts are suitable for vegetarians, and some contain alcohol. Do ask about this, the staff were so helpful and accommodating.

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The variety is intense. We opted for one each of the vegetarian and no alcohol ones, which gave us:

  • Vanilla glazed,
  • Nutella with Love,
  • Lotus Biscoff and luckily the most famous
  • Creme Brule (which they make in front of us!). We had to have that one.

Just have a look.

Make sure Crush doughnuts is on your bucket list to visit on your next Lisbon visit. It is on the pricier side with a doughnuts at 3.95- 5.95 euros, but the doughnuts are huge and worth the price.

Also they make a good looking cup of coffee!

We opted for Latte and Mochatella.

For Crush Doughnuts Instagram account click here.

You will find crush doughnuts in Lisbon City centre

Have you tried Crush Doughnuts? What other Places would you recommend for my next visit?

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Love and Regards

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