Comptoir Libanais- Lebanese Restaurant in London.


Instagram at the moment is raving over Cocos restaurant, and for me its important because its a halal restaurant facing the tower bridge. One thing we always get stuck in, in life is halal food especially in top spots- so when this place popped up I knew I had to visit it and pronto.

A halal restaurant NOT serving alcohol opposite the tower bridge. I mean you have my support 100%. but….. guess what?! Their was a film shooting going on right outside it (I later found out it was mission impossible and missed out on seeing Tom Cruise!) and it was closed!!

What are the chances?

So we had to use trusty old Google Chacha to help us get some halal food into our bodies before we head off home.

And Google Chacha took us to Comptoir Libanais. He did well!!

Inside Comptoir Libanais

From the hub hub of London we were transported to the hub hub of Comptoir Libanais, it was like stepping into a middle eastern country on the other side of the world.

The detailing the Intricity, the uniqueness of each single object. The Colours.

Just take a look.

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Now for the Food…..

The kiddos went for the Chicken Kofta Burgers– which are : Spiced chicken kofta Pattie, parsley, chilli, pickled cucumber, tomato, lettuce and sesame seeds

As lebanese food and culture is all about sharing we had a couple of mixed grills to share which is a selection of lamb kofta, chicken kofta & chicken taouk all served with a Comptoir salad & vermicelli rice.

I also had Sumac Batata which is spiced Lebanese potatoes with garlic, lemon juice &sumac- which I completely forgot to take picture of.

And lastly we ended with rose mint tea. The perfect ending

The Verdict

The vibe, the decor the atmosphere- all of blew my mind away. Just taking it all in was amazing.

In terms of the food. I can’t complain. Too much.

It’s Lebanese food so we know exactly what to expect from it in terms of flavour, the flavours were definitely there. But it lacked in moistness.

The mixed grill kebab was really nice- the chicken was slightly harder than expected and the batata sumac was slightly on the cold side . Maybe I was tired . I don’t know. But should’ve been a little more warmer for me.

The kids enjoyed their burgers, and In all honesty I would go back, I would go back for sure. I need to try everything else and I need to sit inside the restaurant again because of the culture it brings out.

And the rose mint tea. Perfect! The perfect ending!

In terms of price too. I found it really affordable for a London chain restaurant.

Comptoir libanais can be found in 22 locations some of which are London, Manchester, Leeds. Oxford, Bath etc.

*Please note Alcohol is served on the premises*

Click Here: For more info on Comptoir Lebanese.

And that’s the end of our London trip.

Now to go home and recover. I’ll need a week I think.

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Love and Regards


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