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But what good is a trip to London if your not going to walk by the Tower bridge? And why is this walk better?- we wanted to fill our bellies at the ‘hot ‘ and ‘new’ halal and no alcohol serving restaurant ‘Cocos Restaurant’ London

I was excited for this. As I always am when a halal restaurant locates itself in a location such as Tower Bridge- and then goes the one step further and has ‘no-alcohol’ on its menu.

For me that’s big, that’s credible, and I need to support them.

The last time we wanted to come here it was closed because their was a filming going on ( we also missed the chance to see Tom cruise!). So this time we went with our fingers and toes crossed and prayed we would get in.

One thing I must say about our London trips, for some odd reason we always leave them for the winter periods and darkness hits at 4, so although it was only around 5, it was dark.

Now don’t get me wrong, London is beautiful whether its night or day. But photos don’t come out as well as you want them to.

When it comes to the halal dining scene, we sometimes get a little stuck, especially because the up market- dining and wining, have to dress up, add in the fact that their is no alcohol scene is scarce and rare. So to have this, and to have it located with a view of the Tower Bridge. I don’t think you can get more iconic in London.

Shisha is also available served on the terrace, which can be accompanied with food. If your not after the Shisha, dining inside is available and just as plush.

Cocos restaurant serves what they call an Antolian cuisine (to me that means Turkish) and has all the raves of their dry bar and non-alcoholic mocktails- which obviously we were not going to say no too.


Coming in from the outside, its beautiful. The terrace is what we first see and its heavily padded booths in a cross between sage and fern green brought a warmth in. The heavy velvet chairs were warm and comfortable and all had a blanket added to the ends, for extra comfort if needed.

You guys know these little things are what take my breath away.

Cherry blossom artificial plants dangling down from the ceiling added to the warmth. They also had overhead heaters, so although it is outside, its really warm.

Cocos restaurant London inside is a entirely different ball game. Completely different from the outside. From the greens of outside we step into midnight blue and an alluring gold. Luxurious velvet seats, marbled table tops, heavily padded carpets, flowey curtains dropping to the floor. All in a very seductively low lighted intimate style

Lets not forget the artificial blossom trees, the flower walls, neon lighting and the dropping cherry blossom plants. It was a place of class and sensationalism.

Right? Now that I’ve over worked myself on the detailing, shall we move on to the food?

What we Ordered…

Obviously I’ve mentioned the drinks, and obviously its me and Sabina in London, so that means we discuss if the drinks are worth remortgaging the house for. And usually the answer is yes!

So we went for the theatrics, the Royal Spirit Dakiri which is white sugar cane and lime, and a theatrical display of a bubble which on touch bursts into a smoke of air.

Literally 2 seconds of absolute joy! ( so easily pleased I tell you, I’m still smiling)

For starters we ordered

Sumac Yogurt Aubergines which is Fried Aubergines Dip with Tahini, Pomegranate, Yogurt & Shaved Almonds
and it came with Homemade Warm Turkish Bread

Crispy Spiced Shrimp which is shrimps with a Korean Glaze, Grapefruit Mayo & Burned Lemon on the side. This was presented with a theatrical display of dry ice which was the icing on the cake. Maybe even the cherry on top.

For mains we bought the Mixed Coco Shish, which was Cubes of marinated lamb and chicken, adana, chili Sauce
and tzatziki sauce.

Recommended by the waiter as we were getting stuck on what to order, as their were only 2 of us.

This was actually perfect as we got to taste a little of everything. The waiter was right is saying it would be enough for the 2 of us.

My Verdict

To be honest as soon as I found out that theirs a halal restaurant with no alcohol with a view of Tower Bridge.

I was already sold.

However having said that, before you go you need to appreciate that most people need alcohol in a location like this to survive. I can only assume that this is why Coco’s pricing is extremely dear.

Our meal for the two of us set us back just under £100, and we are light eaters. (we already knew this and were prepared for this)

The view of the Tower bridge was amazing. The decoration was out of this world. The atmosphere was really nice and the service- I cannot fault ( they also have a Namaaz room!).

I always believe that you can never go wrong with Turkish (Or Antolian- as they want to call it)Food. And it was exactly that. Turkish food.

The theatricals and displays of the drinks and food add the extra Va Va Voom to the place. All in all it is great for a special night out.

It comes to remain- whether I would come here again? and my honest answer is yes! I would.

I have already told the Dude about this place, but it would have to be a special occasion. Turkish food is very similar anywhere you eat, and the price you are paying, you literally are paying for location, atmosphere and theatricals.

Terms and Conditions

I do need to let you guys know that Cocos have a minimum spend policy.

Monday to thursday and Sunday it is £25pp, and friday and saturday it is £50pp. If you are going for the shishas it is one between 2 people and seating is 2 hours per reservation. for further booking policy rules click here

Click here For more Information on Cocos-

Click here For Cocos Instagram Page

Have you been to Cocos? How did you you find it?

Keep tuned for our stay in London, coming up next.

Love and regards


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Transparency: All Thoughts and Opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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