Clever Fox Planner- My Planner for 2022.

clever fox planner

“Its the most wonderful time of the year….” It sure is! Are we talking about Christmas? No! I don’t celebrate Christmas- though I love the fact that everyone gets the day off! The perfect time to watch Christmas movies and for the game boards to come out and lets not forget Hot Chocolate Season.

So why is it wonderful for me? because its time for a new Planner! and I love researching, and looking and comparing, and, and, and just Everything. I don’t think I’ve spent that much time looking for bathroom tiles! But ‘Oh’ does this give me the Christmas joy.

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And this year – for 2022 (say it like your in the Oscar’s) My Planner for the upcoming year goes to:

“Clever fox Planner”

(Big round of applause. Standing Ovation if you must)

clever fox planner

Why the Clever fox Planner?

Every year I buy a diary/planner and every year their are certain things that I like so I want that brought forward to my new diary, and then their are others with which I don’t get along with- so that’s avoided.

My Matilda Myers one from last year was awesome- I loved that I had a weekly view, and it had enough space for doodling and jotting- that was important for me going forward.

I hated that it did not have a monthly view- the amount of birthdays I forgot because I would only see them weekly. I had a day to day planner and a weekly planner- I did not use the day to day planner much- though once again it was great for doodling and jotting.

So going forward, the things I kept in mind are I need a monthly view, a weekly view and doodling and jotting. And so there you have it. I present you with ‘The Clever Fox Planner’

So am I showing you Inside? Of course I am. Lets do this!

Ok Ok- don’t shout- its black! Yes I’m back in the comfort of my dark colours! and I like it, so its Ok. Ok?! Next year we try colours again.

Firstly there’s 3 bookmarks- not one, not two, but three. Yes 3 bookmarks! Did I just Die and go to heaven?

I used the first bookmark for my monthly view. Its an empty/non dated planner so you can use it as you choose or if you get it later in the year your not missing out on any months.

But me! I’m a nerd- already filled in!

In between the monthly’s they have a 3 month review and goal plan, and a full page for mind mapping- which Im really looking forward to.

After the Monthly pages- the Weekly pages come in- this is where I have put the second of my bookmark’s in. On one side we have the dates, and the other side we can jot down goals, priorities, track our habit and skills (I’m going to be using this for Namaz/Prayers. Inshallah)

There is a monthly review page for all the months which we can use to reflect on achievements, progresses, wins, and defeats. Its a good brainstorming page.

Before the start of the Diary a full page is given for Goals of the Year- I’ve not yet filled this in because I want to be able to really think and jot down everything so that I can have a look back at the end of the year and see how I did, if I did it, if anything changed. It is a good way to reflect on the past year.

And the third and last bookmark goes near the end after the weekly and this is literally pages and pages of blank paper.

I’ve already done a page of expenses on here.

Jotted down ideas for blog posts for the new year and also not to forget my never ending Bucket list.

And last but not least. Have a look at this- Loads and Loads and Loads of Stickers!! I just cant wait to start adding some colour to my Diary, and make it more personal to myself.

I bought my clever fox planner from Amazon for £28.99 , you can also find it online. Its available in a few different colours- and they have loads of planners available, for different purposes. I have my eye on the financial planner also but lets see how I get on with this first.

Click here for the cleverfox planner.

Have you bought yourself a planner/diary? What do you look for in your planner/diary?

Love and regards


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    1. Once you buy one- there’s no going back. I can’t function a day without one. I need to write everything down. Also I have a brain of a fish. So definitely need planner, let me know if u get one and which one you go for.

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