Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Do you know anyone who doesn’t like Chocolate covered Strawberries? I don’t. Everyone loves chocolates, everyone loves strawberries.

If I’m invited for a dinner anywhere, be sure I will never go empty handed. And be sure that’s it’s definitely desserts. Anybody who’s had me over more than once will know not to make desserts on the next invite.

Weird thing is the most popular of my desserts is Chocolate covered Strawberries, and I’m not complaining as it’s the easiest one to do out of the whole lot.

So I’ve been invited, and here’s a quick tutorial on my super quick little treats

Ingredients- Chocolate and Strawberries (hehe).

I use Aldi strawberries, the ‘Nature’s pick’ ones are the best, and always so sweet, and in size aswell they are usually the larger ones. And the Chocolate is also from Aldi- it’s the basic ‘Everyday Essential’ milk chocolate one. Alot of people say to use Belgian chocolate or Dairy Milk- I’ve tried both with strawberries, but by far this chocolate is so much more tastier, and when melted it’s really nice and flowy. But feel free to use any chocolate of your own preference. Everyone’s taste buds are different.

Chop chocolate into pieces- put into microwave for 1 minute. Take out and mix and after this put back into microwave 30 secs at a time untill chocolate is melted. (It is important to do this this way- as chocolate may burn if not mixed. And burnt chocolate leaves a smell, so it will waste the whole thing)

Once done the chocolate will be flowy like above.

Get your strawberry and start dipping…

I like to leave the top red part of the strawberry showing as I think it looks preetier this way, hold up strawberry untill the chocolate drops off.

Get trays with baking paper ready….

And line up your Strawberries

I use white chocolate to decorate- you will only need 1/2 bars of this depending on how many strawberries you doing. Melt in same way as milk chocolate. As there is less it will be done quicker so keep eye on it.

Pour the white chocolate into a piping bag. (I use a latte mug to hold bag. It makes it easier to pour in.) Cut off end of bag.

Pour white chocolate over chocolate covered strawberries in lines as above.

And how preety do they look? Allow the chocolate to set and harden. Usually takes a couple of minutes- but this does depend on heat of room. Today it was cool- so it was done within 5 minutes.

Then take them out (if you put on baking sheet- it will pull right off sheet with no chocolate left behind) I’ve put them on a cupcake case each because it looks preety.

And here they are all preetied up.

So who’s inviting me next?

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