China Tang at the Dorchester- The Perfect ending to Sabina’s Birthday


Sabinas Birthday ended at China Tang at the Dorchester. Something she has been after for as long as I can remember. China Tang at the Dorchester is a Cantonese Restaurant known for its 1930’s Art Decor . And it did feel as if we had stepped a little back in time when we entered. At one point we thought they would refuse us entry as we didn’t have our ball gowns and high heels on.

Although a few guests had the little black dress or red gowns on, the rest were casual just like us. Phew.

The interior as mentioned is very 1930’s, and its dim with soft lighting. It screamed opulence and class, and 1900’s style. We had come here in December, so all Christmas decoration were out in full swing. There is something really magical about Christmas isn’t there?

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Separate Halal Menu

One thing I liked about China Tang at the Dorchester was they have a completely separate menu for halal food. Showing they they have firstly an awareness of halal and haram, and our requirements, but also its a sign that they know their customers too. (Although they did ask us whether we wanted the alcohol menu for drinks- Urm…. I’m not judging but Urm…. 3 women in scarfs. It did have me stumped, But nope. Not judging at all…. I swear to you I’m not judging! Leave me alone.)


Having sat down and cosied ourselves from the winter cold, we all felt like we needed some soup we warm ourselves up. Being a Chinese restaurant we knew we couldn’t go wrong with soup at all. Me and Katija stuck to what we knew best Sweetcorn and chicken soup, whilst Sabina went for the prawn won ton soup.

This was the perfect start and warmed up our freezing hands, toes and noses.

Next up we had the sweet and sour prawns. We wanted to try a little bit of everything so prawns was a must and so we chose the sweet and sour prawns. The prawns were crispy although doused in honey and citric, mixed with the pineapple it was an infusion of sweetness.

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For mains we went for the stir fry egg noodles with sliced chicken. The noodles were soft and stringy, I prefer my egg noodles to be fair, but I’m not complaining.

This was probably the only dish that lacked a little flavour- it just needed something, maybe a little spice? Having said that I’m not knocking it, it was good once we added a little hot sauce on

We also tried out the braised beef in black pepper sauce and a bowl of rice

I don’t think I have ever had such tender beef before in my life, I didn’t know that beef could literally melt in your mouth, and I eat out a lot. This dish just blew me away. It didn’t even feel heavy.

It was flavoursome moist and full of all the right ingredients! The best dish of the day and definitely the best beef I have ever ate.


For drinks we got these. Now I would love to tell you what it is, but I cant because I don’t know. I think it’d be easy to say its a virgin mocktail, but I don’t think they offer that, and I wouldn’t want to mislead you in any way. It does have mint leaves in it, and a dried apple on top and its on the yellow side.

I don’t remember drinking it either (Holds hands over eyes) so I’m going to say maybe it wasn’t the best, so don’t order it. whatever it is. Sabina played it safe this time and went for the diet coke bottle.

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My Verdict of China Tang at the Dorchester

The menu itself was so large and so many variety of things. It really did feel like we were transported back in time, as now a days everything is a lot more simple. But that just added to the experience.

Ill be back for the beef for sure (my hubby would love this) and the soup was good too. But also we didn’t go for desserts because we were so full, and I have heard a LOT about the desserts.

Naturally this is at the more expensive side of the market but for a 40th, a special ocassion, anniversary this would be quite the place. Make sure you dress up and stick to coke for drinks. (Big wink)

Have you been to China Tang? What would you recommend?

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Love and regards


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