Chaiiology – Our first brekky Date after Lockdown

Lock down put a stop to everything. Like literally everything, but we all know that now. We have been talking about this for a year and a half now. Just like the weather is this going to be one of the conversation we always have going on? I think so- it makes us feel special…. we survived a Pandemic- why not?

One of the things I missed in the Pandemic is the random Brekky Dates the husband would call on a morning he has woken up in a good mood. They don’t come very often, but when they do. I am ready to drop everything and jump in the passenger seat in a heartbeat….

And Boris finally let us loose and so I ended up in the Passenger seat…. Personally you all know I love me some Afternoon Tea, but with the Dude its more of ‘Chaii’ stop.

OK! OK! Yes Tea and Chaii are literally they same thing…..BUT…. They are NOT! Ok! So Not! Two totally different things! But I love both all the same anyway, so its OK….. (but I do need to make it clear- it’s NOT the same (*wink*wink))

And where did we end up….. Brekky date took us to Chaiiology – “The Kings of Karak and Tandoori Chaii.”

Based in Birmingham- a short drive away for us, Chaiiology offer more than just Chaii- so we needed to give it a try.

chaiiology golden decor inside shop

I was impressed with the decor- all golden vibes- and not just any old gold- a typical Indian Deep Gold….. I am sure all us Indians know what kind of Gold I mean. There is something about that specific gold colour which makes Tea into Chaii….and running along the edges are the booths facing the industrial chairs in grey- which give rest to the luminosity.

Chaiiology is quite a small tea shop, but the large mirrors give the illusion of the space that is needed. And as with majority of food stops now- Chaiiology offer a ‘Feature Wall’ for your photos. Obviously we all need a ‘Feature Wall’ but I was a little confused with this one. Have a look

feature wall at chaiiology

This was the only part of the whole ‘Chaii Shop’ that did not quite fit…. “Shine Bright like a Diamond” like why oh why? and what’s that got to do with Chaii? and the Florals?….. I don’t get it. And it did stick out like a sore thumb. I just couldn’t ignore it.

Going back to the rest of Chaiiology though, everything else was perfect, the gold bars, the gold teapot- it didn’t speak millionaire or affluence, it spoke of the Indian culture of liking gold, the colour gold, lavishing the house with gold ornaments.

and the far wall had wallpaper with iconic places round the world. Obviously I chose to have my tea pic with ‘Big Ben’- bringing ‘Chaii’ to the rest of the world.

So what did we have: Obviously I had to go for the Tandoori Chaii- all for the show- I mean we did come here right? Can’t go home without a show….. and a show it truly was…..

Tandoori chaii at chaiiology means you get a showstopper hot tea roasted from the tandoor. We get to watch the ‘explosion’ as the flavours infuse, this is then served in a mutka (clay cup).

chaiiology 'tandoori tea' served in a mutka

For breakfast the dude went for the full Indian which came with 2 roti’s, Tarka Dhal and an Omelette. He really enjoyed it. (He loves his rotis!)

…..and me? Well it was supposed to be breakfast….. but I was feeling chips…(*covers face with hands*) YES! I know Chips and Chaii! I don’t even know where that came from!

It sounds crazy to me as I’m writing it up, but at that moment I just had to have it……and it wasn’t no ordinary chips…. I went for ‘The Fully Loaded Chips’ which are sweet chilli chips with Chicken Tikka and Sheesh Kebab! Urm Yes! I devoured it, and its perfect with Tea!

So all in all, I really enjoyed my experience here. Obviously the tea was spot on. The added entertainment gave it a bonus, and chaiiology have so much more on the menu I need to try out. *Pencilling another day in the diary as we speak.*

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