As we lay in bed, the hubby tells me that it’s Poker night tomorrow, and leaves it at that.

What does that mean? I hear you say, Well for one, it means that I’ll be having a minimum of 8 extremely hungry men in my house, and I have less then 24 hours to prepare.

In all fairness I do cheat and have the mains ordered from outside, as poker night starts after nine, and potentially goes through to the early hours of the morning- and usually by this time I’m snoring away. So it’s just the starters and desserts that I have to rack my brains over.

Having slept in as it was school day off, and Its a day off from the office, I had already lost out on time, so I didn’t want to spend the day in the car going from one shop to another looking for ingredients. So I decided to rummage around in the kitchen whilst racking my brains to see what I could make.

I ended up making this quick n easy dish. I’ll call it chaat-tang-tastic.

This super tangy, crunchy and  hot dish was the perfect dish to tantalise the taste buds (given the mains are ordered in, the starters have to be incredible, I need some sort of credit in this)

You will need :
3 large Potatoes
1 tin ChickPeas
1 juice of fresh lemon
1 onion
2 tomatoes
Jalepenos- add according to how spicy you want it
1 tablespoon crushed chilli
2 tablespoon Chaat Masala
Black pepper- according to taste
1 Tamarind sauce bottle
Coriander – to add colour
Pomegranite- to add colour

Cut potatoes into small cubes and bring to the boil (make sure not to soft and mushy, around 5 mins max on boil)

Drain Potatoes and add pepper and lemon whilst steaming, as it absorbs flavour whilst hot.

Drain tinned chickpeas and put into bowl, add in chopped up jalepenos-, chopped up tomatoes, and crushed chilli.

Add in chaat Masala and potatoes, mix all together.

Once properly cooled. Add in chopped up onion, and coriander. (Make sure it is cool- as onions will bleed if hot- red onions look and taste better- I was too lazy to go out. )

Add water to tamarind sauce as Its usually quite thick- add according to how runny you like it.

I have an issue with presentation, and having a quick rummage in my kitchen I managed to find these cups…

Add few spoonfuls in every cup- add the tamarind sauce, and add a spoon on top.

Add few pomegranites to add colour- and they also add loads of crunch to the chaat- but once again I was too lazy to go out.

Just how devine do they look? 😋😋😋

Quick, easy and look absolutely devine! Give it a try



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